Pan Roasted Chicken Breast – How to Cook Chicken Breast

Learn how to make a Pan Roasted Chicken Breast! Go to for the ingredient amounts, more information, and many, many more video recipes! I hope you enjoy this simple Pan Roasted Chicken Breast recipe.


47 thoughts on “Pan Roasted Chicken Breast – How to Cook Chicken Breast”

  1. Yes! My chicken breasts turned out perfect:) I am usually not a big fan of chicken breast because it is sooo dry, but NOT this time! Thank you Chef John!!

  2. I"ve made this chicken twice now, and my wife says it's the best chicken she's ever eaten. You guys out there, this is so easy, make this for your wife, and the night will get hot. 🙂

  3. I have NEVER seen a chicken breast, skin on, with breast bone attached, for sale anywhere .. must be an American thing??

  4. Thanks, chef! I usually stay away from chicken breast and opt for dark meat for cost and flavor reasons, but you just got me interested in breast again (cue comments from the men…). Planning to try this exactly as shown with your Waldorf salad!

  5. Hey, I tried out this recipe and the chicken came out pretty juicy 👍🏼 although my pan was producing a lot of smoke and the butter burnt really quickly, any tips on avoiding a smoking pan?

  6. Hello Chef John, I never knew you were from San Francisco… I came from there too. Sadly I now live in LA 🙁 until I left I never knew I was so spoiled, food in LA does not compare to food in SF (well it might if you have money to pay for really good food, I don't have much money so I don't know lol).

    But let me get to the point… since you live in SF, you must know about "super burritos" also known as "mission burritos". I have been trying to find a place in LA that serves the same kind of burrito… to no avail (some has gotten close though). so I wanted to know if you can recreate it so I can make these wonderful burritos at home…

    I have the filling worked out but it just isn't the same if you cannot get that steamed tortilla right, I tried different techniques but ended up with an overly chewy tortilla… please help me, Chef John, you're my only hope!

  7. I have never someone talk like you idk if ur trolling or that's just how u talk with unnecessary up tones on words nice food tho

  8. Just cooked it. Chicken is juicy and delicious…but: the oil is all over the kitchen.
    Do you have advice against "shooting" oil?

  9. Oh yea. Looks great! BTW I like my cook top about a quarter bubble outta level. It helps me manage fat and other liquid levels.

  10. Chef John, sometimes your videos really get under my skin (no pun intended), because they illustrate just how simple cooking can be and yet so many people still get it wrong. I've had more than enough dry, flavorless chicken in my life to prove it.

    You are the master of providing a lot of information about cooking, while still keeping it incredibly simple and accessible. You probably already know this, but being a teacher was your calling. Thank you.

  11. Gee. Thanks. Now I'm starving. Too bad it's only 4:30 in the morning. Another thumbs up for you my friend. Please keep up the great work.

  12. hearing apple cider vinegar always freaks me out 😀 know how this pur tastes, so i have a problem with this stuff 😀

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