HEALTHY GROCERY HAUL | My Balanced Diet Philosophy | TFS EP 08

healthy diet

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32 thoughts on “HEALTHY GROCERY HAUL | My Balanced Diet Philosophy | TFS EP 08”

  1. Love this video!! SO helpful to show that flexible dieting / IIFYM does NOT mean to constantly eat junk food! I used to be there too. Also, love just plain original Beanitos too 🙂 So delish. I've also done the Trader Joe's queso – bomb macros too!!

  2. Lynette, you have to try Trader Joe's brand Queso its only 15 calories for 30g (2 TB) 0F/3C/0P. granted it's more in the chemically packaged food category, but yum! I think it has a stronger cilantro​ flavor, but I like it.

  3. Not sure how close you are to the Michigan/Ohio border but there's a produce market call Ciolino's on Lewis Ave. that is amazing with their variety and prices.

  4. I'm glad you found the nacho beanitos but you have to look for the BEANFIELDS brand. So much better. In my opinion.

  5. Makeup looks so good (as always). Assuming you're super pumped for the new Naked palette 😉 Also I'm the same way with chocolate. Although I like to spend a little extra and get the expensive chocolate than Hersey's. Once you get the good stuff it's hard to go back 🙂

  6. One of my favourite go-to quick meals is a veggie roast (usually sweet potato, peppers, Brussels sprouts) and some chicken/turkey sausage. Toss it all in a bowl and SO GOOD

  7. look at u with all the vegetables!!!! love eastern market. even if their avocados are from mexico lol! pro tip if you go closer to when they're closing (2ish pm) everything is EVEN more discounted

  8. Beanitos Mac n cheese puffs are delish!! You gotta try them 👍🏽😋! I love your channel and how you are always looking out for people who are trying to do right! Thank you for all your hard work and recommendations 😊👍🏽!

  9. Sliced green and/or yellow squash sliced and sauteed in a little oil on the stove is really yum and minimally soggy.

  10. Do you shop & prepare your husband's meals too? If so, I would be curious how you buy/prepare for his needs and yours, since you both might have different goals.

  11. try green onion in your eggs!! And I looove romaine too…I just add in some kale whenever I use it!

  12. Grrrrrrrl. Don't cook your zucchini noodles!! Just put the hot sauce (or veggies, meat, marinara, etc) on top and the zoodles will "cook" just enough and be perfect!!

  13. If you cut the butternut squash in half or in 4 quarters & scoop the seeds out, you can boil it just like that and then scoop the squash out when it's done cooking instead of peeling it. Also, for the zoodles, try patting them down with a paper towel and then either sauté them or oven roast them in olive oil or coconut oil & seasoning. Ps. Loved the comment about everything in the house getting a queso bath! 😂 I'll have to try the white one!

  14. I just came across your channel and I've been binge watching your videos all afternoon! I'm on a weight loss journey and from Metro Detroit too! Looking forward to watching more of your videos! You have a great personality!

  15. The zucchini will probably still be soggy if you bake it in discs!! In my experience at least. I cut mine length wise into "boats " , and brush w oil, then top with chopped pecans/ nuts and some crumbled crackers!! Then bake. Less soggy/more texture , try it!

  16. I'm a new follower here on YouTube. I've been following you on Instagram a while. This video is SO helpful. Thank you!!!

  17. Just found your channel! Me being a southern gal, I'm excited for you to be getting into farmers markets. They have really great produce, and I believe it's great to support local farmers. I'm proud of you for venturing out, but still keeping it 💯! 😂.

    Looking forward to learning from your fitness channel. I don't know about that chickpea pasta though…

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