40 thoughts on “The Sport of Golf”

  1. Before Tiger, I never thought that someone would make golf look like a real sport. I use to think golf was a boring sport played by just rich old white guys.

  2. So I guess masturbating is a sport as well. IE. A physical activity engaged in for pleasure. Golf is not a sport, it is a hobby – and I do not suck at golf, I have a 9 handicap. Tiger Woods is the greatest hobbiest in the world.

  3. You don't directly compete with anyone else in Golf either. There is nothing anyone can do to make you play worse – you are competing with yourself and hoping that you do better than everyone else but are not directly competing with other people (as you are in basketball, hockey, baseball, football, tennis, soccer, badminton etc.). Golf is to the same equivalency as bowling. They are both hobbies, in which you are only directly competing with yourself.

  4. You guys are dumb, I thought the same way until I picked up a club and played for the first time, ever since then I fell in love and play 40-50 rounds a year. Golf is a lifetime sport and it's very classy

  5. Based on your point of view, no one competes against others in a 100m race either. You just run as fast as you can and hope that's faster than the rest, right?

  6. People who think golf is not a sport have never seen or experienced the hundreds of hours of training and effort that are needed for a swing to look "effortless". It's like saying that a long jump competitor only goes there and jumps.

  7. You do. eg. stroke play, match play, longest drive, nearest pin, you name it. All of them are competitive. According to your logic, marathon and all other running races are not sports.

  8. Actually, Satan in Hebrew does not mean anything really negative: it means "accuser". That facts implies how indoctrinating Christianity is.

  9. This is for anyone on here claiming that golf isn't a sport.  Go to a golf range with 1 club and try to hit 100 golf balls as hard as you can, and see how sore you'll be the next day. 

  10. Reply to Matthew Bittle:

    You do compete with other players by seeing who can use less stroke to finish a round. By playing astounding shots, you place pressure on your opponent and affect their performance indirectly. You also have other competitions formats such as matches and stablefords. And one more thing, sport is not all about compete.

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  12. Golf involves competition, keeping score, and declaring a winner, but those qualities alone do not make it a sport.

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