Yi 4K+ 4K/60fps Action Camera vs GoPro Hero 5 Black vs Sony FDR X3000 — In-depth Review [4K]


339$ Yi 4K+ Shoots 4K 60FPS 135MBPS video so is it a GoPro killer, is it the best action camera out there? Not really. Here is why.

Link to the product:
Yi 4K+:

My Cameras
Sony RX100M5:
Sony RX100M4:
Sony FDR-X3000R: (with live view remote)
Sony FDR-X3000: (no live view remote)
GoPro Hero 5 Black:

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21 thoughts on “Yi 4K+ 4K/60fps Action Camera vs GoPro Hero 5 Black vs Sony FDR X3000 — In-depth Review [4K]”

  1. great review! i like the sony or the olmpus tg action cam. i was able to get better battery life and great image stabilization from both of these.

  2. At 4:38 the Yi just wins. You can see on the two girls on the right and their shadows where the sun is and while it is visible on both the Yi and the GoPro, then Sony is just oversaturated and you almost cant tell where the sun is in the sky. In the prior shots the Yi seems more "real" than the GoPro and that is "good enough" for me, so going Yi on Black Friday for sure.

  3. I using YI 4K+ for 5 months already. And I'm not happy with video color. Too dark videos. My old one gopro 3+ black did videos better. I going to order to Santa Claus new Sony X3000. Thanks for video.

  4. Your "ding dong ditch" enthusiasm at the end of the video cracked…..me…….up! Nice production, keep up the good work.  (  ^_^. )

  5. I love His last Comment.  "I heard that Go Pro 6 is going to be Fantastic. I mean … How would I know that"   He's so cool. (Funny)

  6. 5:00 love the most from the sony – BUT its so blurry and dark sometimes where the others were sharp like hell and got much more details – pause at 6:01 :-/

  7. Hey first off good video reviews. I am new to all this. My budget is 150$ i need a camera that i can use for anything and everything. Day and night. What is an action camera that you personally would recommend for my price range. Features, sound, video/still, accessories, battery life are very essential…

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