Teaching a 3lb Hammer Class to a good friend! Trust Me I’ma Blacksmith!

In this episode I teach a good friend from university how to forge a 3lb cross peen hammer. I also managed to draw out some stock to make 2lb hammers for customers and I also manage to get some over dude orders made as well.

Tobias is a sculpture and a Knife maker. Check out his work its amazing.


8 thoughts on “Teaching a 3lb Hammer Class to a good friend! Trust Me I’ma Blacksmith!”

  1. ..if you bring the Massey over here i have a few pieces of high carbon round, about 5-8 pounds each, we'll make a couple of hammers. Or, weld them together and make one BIG one. Nice job Gents!!…

  2. great job. I'll second the pants in the boot comment. one good hot one drops in there he will be dancing around like a cat with a piece of tape on it's paw 😹

  3. I hope one was my hammer. I just ordered a new anvil Monday after looking for a used one for 6 months. It was cheaper to buy new than used. Dan you kill me on the spelling. LOL Keep up the good work. I enjoy your content.

  4. great job chaps . the fly press is awsome. . but could you use a top and bottom fuller on thhe massy … the for your time again dan

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