Floral Landscape Acrylic Painting Tutorial (Yvonne Coomber Inspired) – Free Lesson for All Ages

Artist Angela Anderson shows step-by-step how to paint this Yvonne Coomber inspired acrylic painting. Super easy and fun floral landscape. Perfect for kids and beginners.

See Yvonne’s beautiful artwork here:

Supplies needed:
8″x10″ Canvas
Acrylic Paints
(Bright colors: Yellow, orange, red, magenta/pink, violet, purple, sapphire blue, turquoise, green, lime, and white – for mixing lighter versions of each)
Sponge Brush
Small Round Sponge
Toothbrush or Fan Brush

See the completed paintings my students did at my blog:

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23 thoughts on “Floral Landscape Acrylic Painting Tutorial (Yvonne Coomber Inspired) – Free Lesson for All Ages”

  1. Yvonne is my grandmas name, I'm going to visit her and the rest of the family this summer so I'll be traveling to Jamaica to see them to sell my handmade beaded jewelry and to paint

  2. I love your tutorial's, I just wish that it wasn't such a battle to hear what you are saying above the level of the background noise.

  3. I am SOOO glad I "stumblerd" over your fantastic videos!
    I started painting just a few months ago and was ready to give up. Now I've had people wanting to buy my tree-paintings. All thanks to you!!!

  4. how could anyone possibly thumbs down this video. I think this is gorgeous! Your instruction was perfect. thanks so much!

  5. I just painted this tonight… yeah, thats right, I painted something!!!! I feel so happy that I could paint something. You are a wonderful teacher. My painting look great! Thank you. Liked and subscribed!

  6. This is such a happy little painting- I can imagine it full size at least 24×30- what a beautiful addition to a room that needs a pick me up.  I paint with my 5 year old grandson and he loves it and I may do this with him- Ill have to put drop clothes all over the place, but to have his art is a treasure.  thanks for sharing this

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