Making a small hand plane

Making a hand plane (palm plane) from scratch. I use a hand plane like this mostly to chamfer and round over corners.


43 thoughts on “Making a small hand plane”

  1. Just viewed your video again found it very useful. I just picked up a few old tools at a Habitat for Humanity store one of them being a small block plane body but no blade nor cap iron. Now, I know how to remedy that. Thanks for yet another informative video.

  2. That thing looks and works like a hot damn, very impressed, very very good job! You should sell these! I'd buy!

  3. I heard that you use glue on wood-on-wood and epoxi on two different materials, I wonder why epoxi was used here.

  4. You know what really gesticulates my girdles?

    Listening to Matthias fuss and cluck over 3 thou's worth of tolerance in one video when working with soft wood, and then going to another video just to watch him attack a piece of steel with a fat-tipped sharpie and an angle grinder like some savage…

  5. Классный миниптюрный рубанок получился. Для детского творчества самое то!

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