My super easy even you can do it 6 pack abs diet


Reuploaded forgot to add protein shake meals
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32 thoughts on “My super easy even you can do it 6 pack abs diet”

  1. hey man been using this the past couple days and have been trying to figure out from other sources if I should be eating the calories given back from exercise and cardio..? abs showing but really tryna lose that last little bit of fat!

  2. I'm 15 5"5 and 123lb and I have a waist of 31 inches I think i'm skinny fat so what do I do in order to build muscle but not mess up how i'm growing

  3. yea that's what I'm you would enter your exercises then the calories given back you'd eat as long as you stayed under the given budget correct?

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  5. man you need to quit doing this, counting how many calories, grams of protein, carbs, fats etc,,, if you want to gain mass you do not have to worry just eat, and don't take protein powders srysly cuz its food what makes you big not shakes

  6. Awesome. I love the fact that you keep track of your caloric intake and are specific about what works and what doesn't work. I always thought that I had to take the creatine about an hour or so before working out now I now better, Thanks

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  12. To build 6 pack abs or flat abs, it's not only how hard the exercises you take, it is also about the food you eat. And science data has prove that you can raise the way to get your 6 pack abs (or flat abs) 2x – 4x quicker by adjust slightly the food you take in

  13. This guy eat a lot of carbs and dont gain fat weight. on the other hand Im the type if i eat carbs i blow like a balloon, ..most people is insulin resistant and diet its different for everybody. he seems like he gets a good work out.

  14. I find this 6 pack abs guide “suza great plan” (Google it) really excessive. To shed your weight and make your belly six-pack it`s very useful book I think. I almost shed Three pounds weight with in 10 days. It is very helpful to me, I`ve got Six pack abs following this guide detail by detail. I myself strongly recommend the book.

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