How to Develop A Manly Voice | Art of Manliness

Learn how to develop a manly voice with this easy to follow video. For a text version, see here:


30 thoughts on “How to Develop A Manly Voice | Art of Manliness”

  1. I'm 16 yrs old and my voice sound like typical annoying 12 year old roblox player. What the hell. Nobody respects me online when I speak.

  2. Make a billion dollars and get a suit made out of $100 bills. No one will care how you sound. But if that's too much work then just learn to shout like drill instructors.

  3. I am 12 and i have a very deep voice and imo it sounds like im very old and it souns bad to me.

  4. My best voice is when I have a cold. Women have complimented me on it even, telling me I should be on radio. Then I get healthy again and the dream is over.

  5. "Breathing with your chest is wrong" – You know where the lungs sit, right? You know the lungs? Those organs that you breathe into?

  6. Look, I’m 13. I have a higher voice than most. I am straight (said because gays tend to speak in a different, more expressive fashion). What do I do?!?!

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