Gran Turismo Sport Trailer PSX 2016


This is the latest trailer movie for Gran Turismo Sport, released at the PlayStation Experience 2016 held in Anaheim, California of the US See and feel true to life light and color, in the new photorealistic world of Gran Turismo Sport enabled by numerous cutting edge technologies such as HDR, VR, and wide color.

* This movie has been optimized for viewing on HDR compatible hardware. You will be able to enjoy the true wide dynamic range and rich colors enabled if you view this on HDR compatible devices.
* For further details regarding Gran Turismo Sport, please visit the official website at.
* The image is ESRB rated. The content of the movie is the same as.

It is the latest trailer of "Gran Turismo SPORT" released at PlayStation Experience 2016 which is currently being held in Anaheim, USA. Please see the photo realistic world that makes real light feel realized by "Gran Turismo SPORT" which got a lot of latest technologies such as HDR, VR and wide color (wide color gamut).

* This image supports viewing in the HDR environment. By viewing with HDR compatible equipment you can see the original wide dynamic range and rich coloring
* For more information on "Gran Turismo SPORT" please visit Gran Turismo's official website "Gran Turismo · dot com ()"
* It is a picture by PEGI rating. The content of the video is the same as


49 thoughts on “Gran Turismo Sport Trailer PSX 2016”

  1. Looks so amazing… and that's all. I am one very disappointed Gran turismo fan. Type car sounds in the search bar and you get over 20 million videos. Car sounds are important Kaz!!!

  2. 0:20 SC「眠っ、、、あ起きなきゃ!、、、、眠っ、、、あ起きなきゃ!、、、、眠っ、、、あ起きなきゃ!、、、、」

  3. I'm shocked that there's still no GT playable at all on the PS4 since there's no backwards compatibility and no GT on PS Now. I hope Sport will be a fully featured GT and not half of a game with a fraction of the usual cars and content. I really hope there's a free race mode where players can drive or race any car on any track, and I also hope that there isn't intentionally slow progression with microtransactions.

  4. alguém pode me informar quando esse jogo vai ser lançado, pq pela demora tem que obrigatoriamente ser o melhor jogo de corrida já feito na história.

  5. So a total of about 3 seconds of actual gameplay. I want to see what it looks like when you play the game, not the demos which I will never watch anyway.We buy the game to play, not watch.

  6. Just add one year to whatever projected release date you initially get then add about 6 months on any final product previews and you will get the actual release date. lol always worth it in my book. To think way back in the beginning they though this would be a niche game. I think someone is even on record saying that way back when.

  7. Game looks fucking gorgeous. Too bad I don't give a fk about graphics… The gameplay better be ok otherwise il just go back to forza lol…..

  8. C'mon I wonna play this game before tump fucks the world up, it takes rockstar the same time to make a gta game ffs your making a racing game how long does it take.

  9. I'ts gonna have rules and flags?(more realistic?)and when a huge crash happends wanna have a safety car?(safety car on the track sahety car on the track!)

  10. buenas… creo que ya es ora de que digais algo sobre la fecha definitiva sin mas retrasos del gt sport… ablo en nombre de una gran comunidad de jugadores los cuales ya poco a poco nos estamos pasando a assetto corsa ya que despues de demoras anteriores sabemos que esto es el pan de cada dia y siempre que se acerca la fecha de lanzamiento lo volveis a atrasar.. saviendo que es una gran perdida de dinero y adeptos a gran turismo.
    Ya estamos cansados de que las informaciones sean escasas y no haya ninguna infor.acion clara de que o cua do saldra el juego.
    Gt6 ya es un juego obsoleto teniendo en cuenta la competencia que ya existe.
    Dado que el mantenimiento que esta recibiendo gt6 es escaso… No actualizan coches nuevos.. comportamiento de c0ches imprecisos. todo esto sumado a muchas mas cosas hacen que ya poco a poco perdamos la confianza en gran turismo como la primera opcion a la ora de elejir un simulador de confuccion.
    nuevamente os reafirmo en gran disgusto y desacuerdo con la compañia por el abandono de los medios… teniendo en cuenta que nosotros los clientes somos los que hacemos que tengan trabajo. y mas de 5.500 personas que pertenecen a nuestro club propio creado desde gran turismo…ya estamos comenzando la emigracion a otras plataformas o incluso pasando a pc abandonando gran turisto en su totalidad.
    Por ultimo os dejo una reflexion.
    si prometes y prometes pero no cumples y no mantienes las ganas. todo se termina perdiendo.
    Espero esto no sea un comentario mas que quede en el olvido y escuchen y agan algo..

  11. Gran Truisms vs Forza Motorsports, hmmm both because you around tracks with music from the actual game… forza feels like I'm in a moving while gran truisms makes me feel like a the sti… sto… THE AMERICAN playing music why speeding at stupid speeds

  12. Happy to see that console gamers are finally getting some of those staple things that PC Elitests brag about (I'm a PC Gamer, but I still play Gran Turismo, It's required for me) Like VR and stuff of the sort, Hope I'm there on day one!

  13. This game is the only reason I've been buying the PlayStation console all of these years. Started from PlayStation One (yes the slim one) to the upcoming

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