Teaching Special Needs Children : Tips on Teaching in a Special Education Classroom

When teaching in a special education classroom, you want to make sure you have your room set up to accommodate all the needs of the students. Set your special education classroom up with help from a special needs teacher in this free video on special education.

Expert: Krista Blessing
Bio: Krista Blessing graduated Magna Cum Laude from Eastern University with a bachelor’s degree in elementary education.
Filmmaker: Ashton Blessing


8 thoughts on “Teaching Special Needs Children : Tips on Teaching in a Special Education Classroom”

  1. Special e education Teachers only care about the money no one care about me in high school I was in high school for 8 years there did. Not teach me anything I have doing the same for for 15 years This what happen. When you are in special education for 8 years you can't go to college I apply to a college and there r did except me because I have a iep you can't do nothing with it I back to my school in 2014 there say we can't help you there told if we see you again we will call the cops on you fuck special-education teachers there only care about the money it destroyed my life I even read a box my math skills sucks fuck you special teachers I contact the US State Department education and there told me we can't help you I talk to my social worker she said to me there nothing we can't do for you I have so many social worker The reason why I didn't go to college it's because my math and my reading skills Is very low so I blame my teachers

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