Mr.SinnizterDaTrucker Health Fitness Episode 2 (Chest Press W/Resistance Band)

chest press

In this episode we will be working on strengthening our shoulders, chest, triceps muscles using a resistance band.

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8 thoughts on “Mr.SinnizterDaTrucker Health Fitness Episode 2 (Chest Press W/Resistance Band)”

  1. all these are good compound movements for muscle growth but you have to be in a caloric surplus to grow muscle, cardio should be a truckers main focus if your heart rate is not elevated for an extended period of time hate to say it not worth it unless you have a very tone body already

  2. yo bigmike9694 whats good homie thanks for the support yeah i'm trying to start inspiring other to take their health more serious i aprreciate the support your boy Sinnizter

  3. whats good infowar44 I appreciate your feedback you right about that but we all got to start somewhere but i hope you continue to leave me your feedback thanks Sinnizter

  4. Put Yo hat back on MAN!!!!! you got a 6 head homie. LOL ………… Just a joke….. You da man can you do squats in the truck???

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