Apple’s WWDC 2017 Keynote in 7 Minutes!


Apple’s WWDC 2017 keynote just ended. It announced iOS 11, a new 10.5-inch iPad Pro, a Siri HomePod speaker, iMac Pro, and more!

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47 thoughts on “Apple’s WWDC 2017 Keynote in 7 Minutes!”

  1. $5k for the iMac Pro is very tempting… I particularly do not care for the iMac, but the technology, mainly the cooling, in the iMac Pro is very impressive. $5k may seem a bit expensive for the iMac, but it's actually relatively affordable when compared to the Mac Pro. Now what about the Mac Pro??

  2. finally they made a deal with amazon for prime video on apple tv, cuz no one is buying their overpriced shitty apple tvs any more 😀

  3. Are we all dumb In Europe why do we have to pay so mush more than they do in the US.until they unify their prices I will not buy any of their products I have been buying Apple products from the beginning and I don't like the direction the company is going it's now full of bullish….

  4. I had a 2014 IMac top spec .Then I purchased a December 2015 5K I mac top spec.I will not be buying a new one that looks the same as the previous 5 iMacs I've had.Maybe they should have had a new design but that would have cost them more money.Apple have lost the plot and their demise is coming….

  5. i laughed out loud when they introduced the "home pod" but that was nothing compared to how hard i laughed at its price….Apple without Steve Jobs may as well be called "crapple"

  6. You know, what you people don't understand: innovation and evolution are slow processes. It doesn't happen over a night, it takes time. What new do you even want except better performance?
    Before complaining, go and look at other companies. Windows – where you need to worry abt viruses everyday, currupt systems and shit. Apple is – and forever will be – better.

  7. Did they announce a new MacBook Pro or just an update to the same MacBook Pro that was released a few months ago?

  8. Fake news! The price for the 13" MBP was not cut, it was raised by 50-200 $, depending on your country. There is a new 128 GB model for 1299 $ tho.

  9. When will they get to letting you develop apps for iOS on iOS 😪 if the iPad Pro is supposed to be able to replace a laptop shouldn't it be able to do that

  10. I'm glad Steve Jobs isn't alive to see this, that way he doesn't have to experience what it tastes like when you vomit in your mouth.

  11. More of the same, firmware upgrade. I can no longer sit through an an apple Keynote. It just doesn't hold my interest anymore it's just the usual tedious minor upgrades bullshit. I'm thankful for channels like this who sit through this and summarise it for me.

  12. Stupid degenerate fucks. I'm glad more and more companies I know are automatically ruling out people who use Apple products, those dumb inbred can't do serious work since they don't have tools neither the according software. Also you must be incredibly fucking stupid to still buy iPhone or iWatches, therefor making you unsuitable for jobs requiring intelligence

  13. So, Apple expects me to pay $350 for a home-pod assistant that is run on the SIRI OS?!? No chance in hell! SIRI can't even answer simple questions, now I'm going to trust it with ordering food and running my home? I think not!

  14. My opinion is that apple has lost its way. Apple use to be about inventing the future but now it is about draining your money. 5,000 for that Mac Pro but in reality you could get a 20x better Windows PC for half the price. The new iPad is 800 bucks for being bigger that the previous model and the new Homepod is just them trying to cash in on the market. They say it has better speakers than Google and Alexa but with things such as Alexa Echo (150) you can just buy a speaker which is better than the Homepod and still have the better system. I personally think the iWatch is also a cash grab and if someone could explain the why it is good, please tell me.

  15. I don't know why the stylis is making such a comeback, when capacitive touch screens became affordable it was suppose to end them, almost everybody hated them but now they have returned in a more annoying form. Did these designers just assume we all draw for a living?

  16. Why do we all have to hate on Apple? Look,
    Samsung switches to USB C cables for charging phones. No one cares
    Do you see the problem? Whatever Apple does, People treat it like a Homeless person peed on their couch. Whatever Samsung does, People treat it like they saw Jesus.

  17. Hahaha… its like watching7. your little bro or sister at a recital. "Ahhhh, I remember when I got my first song, 'File App', it was sooo exciting!" Haha.

    Hhaha… you never had Amazon prime??? Lol. You guys are soooo STUPID to pink and buy a product that works at a closed system it will never work it's like Freedom all humans have to have it. They're closed system will never work how can it you guys are obviously 5 years behind and Apple only been doing this for 10 years. And then 30 years to be 15 years find anything it's open and progressing and that is new because you guys want have a closed system. Everything Apple. Because it's the best… Yeah right wake up please finally

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