Python Programming Tutorial – How to Make a Stock Screener

This video teaches you how to create a stock screener based on any indicator you have built in Python. Don’t know how to build indicators in Python? No problem! I have tons of videos just for you:

S&P 500 company list:


40 thoughts on “Python Programming Tutorial – How to Make a Stock Screener”

  1. nice video im using python for robotics a little and made a game like call  of duty but less complicated didn't publish it cause of copy right jk0

  2. Really great tutorial, please do keep em coming!

    One question, would it be possible to somehow automate the process getting the list of the S&P 500 stocks and have it always updated in order to avoid getting it manually and risking it's outdated? Perhaps scrape it from some website or something?

  3. Appreciative watcher of many of your videos.  In this instance, the outcome of our stock screener is painfully linear.  Suggest going a video showing how to split the task across an MPI.   Merging our Raspberry Pi supercomputer and stock picker could be fun.  Keep them coming!  

  4. thank you im applying for a job with financial unix background currently using perl and java these tutorials are so helpful been programming for 25 years love the fresh perspective! 🙂 thank you again

  5. +sentdex i went to the given link . copy paste the code. but not able to install the numpy module. tried to install it gives error tried to find the error in the stack overflow website not able to find the solution how should i proceed? Please help

  6. Hi Sentdex. thanks for sharing. Is there any code that can screen for stock that have its RSI breakout above 50 for the first time in 1 year or so? ty

  7. i have problem like this :
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "C:Python27Stock", line 9, in <module>
    from import candlestick
    ImportError: cannot import name candlestick

    can you help me ?

  8. Do you know how to make trades based on certain parameters? If I am focusing on just one stock, I want to be able to have an algorithm that buys and sells instantly along say the 200 day MA. Please let me know if you can help!

  9. Very good code thanks
    Will customize it and use for my own
    Share some more python code for market analysis in future

  10. hi, when i run the python codes, there is this error
    "from import candlestick
    ImportError:cannot import name candlestick"
    How do i solve this?
    thanks in advance!

  11. I'm having trouble getting the S&P company list. When I click on the link, it just takes me to a page that says "Unfortunately, we were unable to find that page for you (404)." Could you help me with this?

  12. Can you build a stock screener that incorporates price volatility or a price range over a period of time (say 1 month+)? I would like it to be able to identify stocks that have been moving pretty much sideways for a period of time.

  13. Just when I thought I have everything, I find this site that shows me how to make a stock screener…I write Python, and so, now I am going to create what I do not have, but, that I do need. Thank you for this tutorial.. Peace 🙂

  14. This is what I'm getting when I run it on Python 2.7:

    Warning (from warnings module):
      File "", line 136
        warnings.warn(message, mplDeprecation, stacklevel=1)
    MatplotlibDeprecationWarning: The finance module has been deprecated in mpl 2.0 and will be removed in mpl 2.2. Please use the module mpl_finance instead.Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "C:/Python27/", line 9, in <module>
        from import candlestick
    ImportError: cannot import name candlestick

    I do not know how to fix it.

  15. So where is the code for this tutorial? I don't see any links for that. Can you please provide the code links? Thank you.

  16. Here u go guys…
    the list he used in the program

    sp500 = ['a', 'aa', 'aapl', 'abbv', 'abc', 'abt', 'ace', 'aci', 'acn', 'act', 'adbe', 'adi', 'adm', 'adp', 'adsk', 'adt', 'aee', 'aeo', 'aep', 'aes', 'aet', 'afl', 'agn', 'aig', 'aiv', 'aiz', 'akam', 'all', 'altr', 'alxn', 'amat', 'amd', 'amgn', 'amp', 'amt', 'amzn', 'an', 'anf', 'ann', 'aon', 'apa', 'apc', 'apd', 'aph', 'apol', 'arg', 'arna', 'aro', 'ati', 'atvi', 'avb', 'avp', 'avy', 'axp', 'azo', 'ba', 'bac', 'bax', 'bbby', 'bbry', 'bbt', 'bby', 'bcr', 'bdx', 'beam', 'ben', 'bf-b', 'bhi', 'big', 'biib', 'bk', 'bks', 'blk', 'bll', 'bmc', 'bms', 'bmy', 'brcm', 'brk-b', 'bsx', 'btu', 'bwa', 'bxp', 'c', 'ca', 'cab', 'cag', 'cah', 'cam', 'cat', 'cb', 'cbg', 'cbs', 'cce', 'cci', 'ccl', 'celg', 'cern', 'cf', 'cfn', 'chk', 'chrw', 'ci', 'cim', 'cinf', 'cl', 'clf', 'clx', 'cma', 'cmcsa', 'cme', 'cmg', 'cmi', 'cms', 'cnp', 'cnx', 'cof', 'cog', 'coh', 'col', 'cop', 'cost', 'cov', 'cpb', 'crm', 'csc', 'csco', 'csx', 'ctas', 'ctl', 'ctsh', 'ctxs', 'cvc', 'cvs', 'cvx', 'd', 'dal', 'dd', 'dds', 'de', 'dell', 'df', 'dfs', 'dg', 'dgx', 'dhi', 'dhr', 'dis', 'disca', 'dks', 'dlph', 'dltr', 'dlx', 'dnb', 'dnr', 'do', 'dov', 'dow', 'dps', 'dri', 'dsw', 'dte', 'dtv', 'duk', 'dva', 'dvn', 'ea', 'ebay', 'ecl', 'ed', 'efx', 'eix', 'el', 'emc', 'emn', 'emr', 'eog', 'eqr', 'eqt', 'esrx', 'esv', 'etfc', 'etn', 'etr', 'ew', 'exc', 'expd', 'expe', 'expr', 'f', 'fast', 'fb', 'fcx', 'fdo', 'fdx', 'fe', 'ffiv', 'fhn', 'fis', 'fisv', 'fitb', 'fl', 'flir', 'flr', 'fls', 'flws', 'fmc', 'fosl', 'frx', 'fslr', 'fti', 'ftr', 'gas', 'gci', 'gd', 'ge', 'ges', 'gild', 'gis', 'glw', 'gm', 'gmcr', 'gme', 'gnw', 'goog', 'gpc', 'gps', 'grmn', 'grpn', 'gs', 'gt', 'gww', 'hal', 'har', 'has', 'hban', 'hcbk', 'hcn', 'hcp', 'hd', 'hes', 'hig', 'hog', 'hon', 'hot', 'hov', 'hp', 'hpq', 'hrb', 'hrl', 'hrs', 'hsp', 'hst', 'hsy', 'hum', 'ibm', 'ice', 'iff', 'igt', 'intc', 'intu', 'ip', 'ipg', 'ir', 'irm', 'isrg', 'itw', 'ivz', 'jbl', 'jci', 'jcp', 'jdsu', 'jec', 'jnj', 'jnpr', 'josb', 'joy', 'jpm', 'jwn', 'k', 'key', 'kim', 'klac', 'kmb', 'kmi', 'kmx', 'ko', 'kr', 'krft', 'kss', 'ksu', 'l', 'leg', 'len', 'lh', 'life', 'lll', 'lltc', 'lly', 'lm', 'lmt', 'lnc', 'lo', 'low', 'lrcx', 'lsi', 'ltd', 'luk', 'luv', 'lyb', 'm', 'ma', 'mac', 'mar', 'mas', 'mat', 'mcd', 'mchp', 'mck', 'mco', 'mcp', 'mdlz', 'mdt', 'met', 'mgm', 'mhfi', 'mjn', 'mkc', 'mmc', 'mmm', 'mnst', 'mo', 'molx', 'mon', 'mos', 'mpc', 'mrk', 'mro', 'ms', 'msft', 'msi', 'mtb', 'mu', 'mur', 'mwv', 'myl', 'nbl', 'nbr', 'ndaq', 'ne', 'nee', 'nem', 'nflx', 'nfx', 'ni', 'nile', 'nke', 'nly', 'noc', 'nok', 'nov', 'nrg', 'nsc', 'ntap', 'ntri', 'ntrs', 'nu', 'nue', 'nvda', 'nwl', 'nwsa', 'nyx', 'oi', 'oke', 'omc', 'orcl', 'orly', 'oxy', 'p', 'payx', 'pbct', 'pbi', 'pcar', 'pcg', 'pcl', 'pcln', 'pcp', 'pdco', 'peg', 'pep', 'petm', 'pets', 'pfe', 'pfg', 'pg', 'pgr', 'ph', 'phm', 'pki', 'pld', 'pll', 'pm', 'pnc', 'pnr', 'pnw', 'pom', 'ppg', 'ppl', 'prgo', 'pru', 'psa', 'psx', 'pwr', 'px', 'pxd', 'qcom', 'qep', 'r', 'rai', 'rdc', 'rf', 'rhi', 'rht', 'rl', 'rok', 'rop', 'rost', 'rrc', 'rsg', 'rsh', 'rtn', 's', 'sai', 'sbux', 'scg', 'schl', 'schw', 'sd', 'se', 'see', 'sfly', 'shld', 'shw', 'sial', 'siri', 'sjm', 'sks', 'slb', 'slm', 'sna', 'sndk', 'sne', 'sni', 'so', 'spg', 'spls', 'srcl', 'sre', 'sti', 'stj', 'stt', 'stx', 'stz', 'swk', 'swn', 'swy', 'syk', 'symc', 'syy', 't', 'tap', 'tdc', 'te', 'teg', 'tel', 'ter', 'tgt', 'thc', 'tibx', 'tif', 'tjx', 'tm', 'tmk', 'tmo', 'trip', 'trow', 'trv', 'tsla', 'tsn', 'tso', 'tss', 'twc', 'twx', 'txn', 'txt', 'tyc', 'ua', 'unh', 'unm', 'unp', 'ups', 'urbn', 'usb', 'utx', 'v', 'vale', 'var', 'vfc', 'viab', 'vitc', 'vlo', 'vmc', 'vno', 'vprt', 'vrsn', 'vtr', 'vz', 'wag', 'wat', 'wdc', 'wec', 'wfc', 'wfm', 'whr', 'win', 'wlp', 'wm', 'wmb', 'wmt', 'wpo', 'wpx', 'wtw', 'wu', 'wy', 'wyn', 'wynn', 'x', 'xel', 'xl', 'xlnx', 'xom', 'xray', 'xrx', 'xyl', 'yhoo', 'yum', 'zion', 'zlc', 'zmh', 'znga', 'camp', 'cldx', 'ecyt', 'gtn', 'htz', 'nus', 'pvtb', 'qdel', 'snts', 'wgo', 'wwww']
    sp500short = ['a', 'aa', 'aapl', 'abbv', 'abc', 'abt', 'ace', 'aci', 'acn', 'act', 'adbe', 'adi', 'adm', 'adp']

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