Nhậu | Vietnamese BEER Food | FATHERS DAY SPECIAL | Mukbang | QT



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46 thoughts on “Nhậu | Vietnamese BEER Food | FATHERS DAY SPECIAL | Mukbang | QT”

  1. OMG!!! QUANG!!! THATS MY FAVORITE VEITNAMESE DISH!!!! I wish I could be your brother so we can do mukbang a together!

  2. I just discovered you today and been binging all your vids bro. Watching this vid really put a smile on my face, and it was really impressive how many nhau dishes you whipped up on the fly like that! Cheers!

  3. This literally reminds me so much of my family’s get togethers. Yummy flavorful food. Everything in this video includes exactly what we eat. 💕😋

  4. Hi 😃Q.T ❤️watching your videos, HAPPY FATHERS DAY!! 2 all the loving caring dads worldwide🌏🌍 my names mishelle from Auckland, NEW ZEALAND and we love our SEAFOOD!!🍤🍤here we have fresh big fat juicy mussels an fat sea urchins we call here( kinas) Mann u sure can cook!, your dishes are always mouthwatering mmm yumm NOICE1👌🏽#HAPPYVIBES

  5. This is my first time commenting on any video! I love the videos of you with your family! Your mom is boss! And your dad is too! You having a great time with your family makes me miss mine! Keep up the awesome vids!!!

  6. Man..ur family seems awesome! They were all just laughing and have fun! And ur pops with that shotgun! Nice! Lol..and who is that yoked out dude that said "he wanted the 1st bite?" He is a monster! Lol beast

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