The Bushman Scare Prank by Ryan Lewis in Las Vegas Nevada S05E23

las vegas pranks

Ryan Lewis Videos Presents The Bushman Scare Prank on the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada! Enjoy this funny video with a guy dressed in a bush suit / ghillie suit jumping out at random pedestrians on the Las Vegas Strip. Enjoy this Funny Video!
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30 thoughts on “The Bushman Scare Prank by Ryan Lewis in Las Vegas Nevada S05E23”

  1. Well this was a good video. It could have been longer but it was long enough to hold me over till the next one.

  2. I swear the Asian ladies and dudes in these videos have the best reactions. Everytime they freak out.

  3. Honestly I don't really care about the dancing bits tbh…the video was great though man, keep up the great work. Loved when the guys tried to pee on you 😂😂…

  4. hey where mine haven't seen that one yet it happened n May (where I threw my dang drink,LOL (,got some plp wating to see it

  5. I dont know who is this, maybe not Ryan, maybe a little noise, a boo, or something…think…not sure

  6. ich finde die Musikeinlagen richtig gut und die Tarnung ist auch besser. Die Sprüche sind auch gut für die entsprechenden Personen!

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