Victory VAP Sport arrow review


The Victory VAP arrow is a .166 shaft so it is a very thin carbon arrow. The VAP arrow comes in a hunting version with inserts and a target version without inserts.

The thickness of the VAP arrow is like a Easton Carbon One, Gold Tip Pierce, Win and Win Tornado.

I shoot the Victory VAP at 18 meters into a foam target to check the accuracy of the .006 shaft, durability and removal from foam target compared to other arrows. The VAP arrow shaft retails in Australia at $135dz

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17 thoughts on “Victory VAP Sport arrow review”

  1. Good to hear, cause I just ordered a dozen of them today. What is the outside diameter  of the 500 spine.

  2. My sons shoots powerflights as he is still a recreational shooter would you say these are equal to or much better than the eastons

  3. Hahaha I shoot with that South African & daaaamn can he shoot. He said the same to me when I was considering going back to VAP. That was enough to convince me to go back. Can't be happier.
    Glad you are now stocking them. 🙂

  4. good review just have a few questions
    are they all the same spine? if not what spine stiffnesses do they come in?
    are the shafts nocked and fletched just gotta buy the tips?

  5. Impressive for such a cheap arrow! Congratulations on the very nice scores! The VAP Target Elite shafts that I just bought are supposed to be true to a thousandth. My riser and sight are on backorder and are supposed to ship on June 16. Until then my bow is a Samick Sage which is shot mostly bare bow but also some with a three pin Trophy Ridge hunting sight. When the parts arrive (Win&Win Winnex II / Shibuya Ultima II) I will be able to put my bow together and give the arrows a test. The points that I got are 110gr. I will build three arrows first and try to determine if the weight is correct. These will be used with 40# limbs.

    I used to love shooting as a kid with cheap fiberglass recurves. I will be 50 in a few months and had the desire to start bow hunting with a recurve. The Sage was supposed to take care of that with 30# limbs for long practice sessions and 50# limbs for shorter sessions as well as hunting. Well one thing led to another and I rediscovered how fun target shooting can be especially since I have been doing it with two of my kids ages 9 and 11. They have been using a Mathews Genesis backed off to around 12 pounds. It’s funny but my 11 year old really likes the Sage at 30 pounds! Although at her draw length it is only about 19 pounds. As long as her form is good she can draw and hold anchor without any straining or I wouldn't let her do it. She shoots more accurately with the Sage then with the Genesis!

  6. Hi, what Victory arrow do you recommend for Recurve bow 38 pounds .Right now i am shooting easton with 630 spine.
    Thank you!!

  7. i like that you are going all in on victory right now. I hope gold tip regrets their recent decisions. regardless, I think victory actually has a good product right now. just what the industry needs to keep every one honest.

  8. You mentioned Stramit targets toward the end. Where can I find these panels (South Australia). I did a web search recently and I can't find the old compressed straw panels they used to make. Maybe my Google Fu is weak…

  9. Why are you not taking advantage of the spine alignment. You should fletch odd vane in line with label and shoot label up. They actually have an arrow on the label showing you the spine. I've shot victory here in the states for a long time. You won't shoot a better shaft. Look into the spine alignment and use it. You left it out of your reviews. It the one thing that truly separates victory from everyone else.

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