David Feherty-Full Segment: Real Sports (HBO)


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Golf commentator David Feherty has used his wit and irreverence to arguably become a bigger star than most players on the PGA tour – a remarkable achievement for a public figure who has spent most of his private life fighting alcohol, drugs and clinical depression.

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18 thoughts on “David Feherty-Full Segment: Real Sports (HBO)”

  1. This is really good… Glad I watched that. I also shared this with the Google+ GOLF Community. Too good not to share. Cheers!

  2. Feherty: are you planning on ripping up the Champions' Tour? Does your wife have any clones that can help me in the same way?

  3. My dream Once in a lifetime fore-some is Jack, Arnold, Tom and Me.My dream weekly round fore-some is Feherty, McCord, Trevino and Me … hard to beat those 3 for just plain fun.

  4. David Brinkley never liked to watch himself either. But David felt that what he thought looked bad, could look good to somebody else.

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