Learn about the importance of correct head and neck position during the squat.

Find out how to improve your squat just by changing your focal point.

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36 thoughts on “WHERE SHOULD I LOOK WHILE SQUATTING? – Head Position”

  1. Kind of off topic, and I'm not sure if you've touched on it before, but how much of a role do you think height plays in strength training (squat, bench, clean, snatch, etc.)? I'm 6'2" and have always heard that the taller you are, the harder some lifts could be, versus if you are shorter lifter. Any insight you have would be extremely helpful.

  2. Hi Alan, I enjoy doing all types of squats and during my training today I had a sharp pain through my trap and it ended up giving me a migraine. Not sure if I cranked my head or what ever, but has this happen to you?

  3. Hi. What do you think of looking slightly up and keeping focus there?
    In my gym we had no mirrors during rebuilding.
    During that time I was pretty much forced to look up whilst squatting to have anything to pin my vision on.. at first it felt really awkward but I began to make good use of it.
    When I 'learned' it, I felt like I didn't need to 'correct' myself.
    I just leaned back and boom, my squat was perfect, whilst looking slightly up.

    I agree that it's a balancing movement – dependent on balance ergo the need for focused vision.
    Why would not looking up be good (disregarding the migrains in your case)?
    A friend of mine, a great squatter forces his head in an upright position however keeping his vision forward or slightly up.
    Perhaps the head position of mine was quite normal but I kept vision high to maintain my form if that makes sense.
    I have a really long back and sometimes trouble with form, as displayed in your video about the vision going more and more towards the ground.. perhaps keeping vision high really does help my form. I'm gonna try it next time.
    I know for a fact that it helps my frontal squat but that's another thing I guess but still.

  4. you!!! where were you 2 years ago when i could lnt get my fat 100kg ass to squat past 150kg?! you just saved my spine, i can lift again:D:D thx so much for existing and sharing on YT.rly im on a phone screen so i literally cant tell you how thankfull i am that you posted this

  5. When I first started lifting I was told "eyes to the sky" is the way to go by a local gym bro. Naturally I never questioned this advice or wondered why my lower back felt sore after squatting and why my balance was always off.

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