Apple Made a Game Console!


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Apple made a game console… in 1996! Apple Pippin (stylized PIPP!N) was a collaborative project between Apple and Bandai. As a part of the Official Macintosh Clone Project, Apple permitted 3rd party manufacturers to install Mac OS 7 on non-Apple hardware—essentially a legal hackintosh. Bandai was a parter of the Macintosh Clone Project—but unlike the other partners—Apple was directly involved with the development and failure of PIPP!N. Today, Pippin is considered one of the gaming industry’s biggest failures. Yes, even worse than Nintendo Virtual Boy. Snazzy Labs’ Quinn Nelson does an unboxing of a brand new (old) Apple Bandai Pippin.


23 thoughts on “Apple Made a Game Console!”

  1. If Apple released a shitty console in today's world it would sell like hot cakes, most Apple fanboys are morons.

  2. The idea of an OS aboard the gaming media is an interesting idea, and brings back one concept I've wished for a long time.

    I would like to see IBM-pc have a plugin OS. That is, much like a USB drive, you plug it directly into your IBM. The OS, Windows, or what have you, is loaded IMMEDIATELY. Say, no less than 10-seconds for the OS to be up, running, not thrashing your HD or CPU, or ready for action right then.

    Sadly, Windows has seem to have gone in the opposite direction and newer operating systems take even greater CPUs to run, more memory, and longer times to load.

  3. My iPhone 7 is my primary game console. GTA & Minecraft & KHUx & cut the rope and so forth and I feel entertained. 

  4. Just saw your video with randomfrankp love ur setup do u have a video on ur custom external graphics box????

  5. So wait, the port of Marathon couldn't be bothered to even use the fucking trackball to at least TRY and emulate mouselook? The one "killer app" one this thing and they made it a gimped port when they had something that could have helped built into the controller? WTF? I do like the look of the "Applejack" though, in a novelty sort of way. It's a shame there's like, nothing to play on it.

  6. If they went back in to the console business, I would totally save up and buy it. I'm sure they would include mouse and keyboard support for the games that Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft don't implement for gaming.

    We're not forced or stuck buying the xim4, but it would help everyone else that ALREADY have them in their home, just hook'em up and play. I mean sure. If Apple wants to have their console support only their mouse and keyboards, that would be fine too. It would be an optional accessory of course. A choice totally up to the gamer. Because they would include a controller anyway.

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