▸ We had a great time in Manila and we need to go back to eat more authentic food!



Shot by: Anh Banh
Edited by: Jon Christopherson


43 thoughts on “FOOD IN MANILA, PHILIPPINES! – Fung Bros Food”

  1. You should come and play against me and my brother in araneta village malabon basketball court Circumferential Rd, Potrero, Malabon, Metro Manila

  2. Y'all should've went to a carinderia/karinderya for a full authentic experience. They're local eating spots with a buffet-style layout of good ol' Filipino food cooked by somebody's mom or grandma haha. These places are very simple and lowkey. Pretty sure every neighborhood has one haha. Also you should definitely try all the street foods next time!! I.e. isaw, fishball, basically anything on a stick lol

  3. Yo dude if you want to taste good food.Dont eat at the restaurant.My suggestion is to go to a province.Every single good food here in the Philippines are originated in every province.

  4. 1. FOOD: Lechon, Sisig
    2. PLACES: Baguio City (a city on top of a mountain, weather is cool day and night, its the summer capital of the US military from 1900s to 1940s during the US occupation of PH) … Palawan Island … Boracay
    3. Manila's Chinatown – OLDEST CHINATOWN! And lots of good foods.

  5. FUNG BROS i think you should go to bacoor cavite i mean its a 2 hour drive from the airport but there' is a lot of basketball hype hear like wherever you live you're literally just a bit of a walk away from a bball court hope to see you soon in manila again peace

  6. Bruno Mars is not slick out here trying to start up a shoe/tattoo shop!

    lol im jp but forreal, that owner look like his long lost twin

  7. Glad you had fun, a man named Seth lives in Angels city and is also on has a YouTube channel. It would be cool (pun intended cool in the Philippines) if both of you filmed each other at the same time. Plus Julia is very pretty so there's a little more sunshine in Seattle. Now please answer this, is the food over there very spicy? I've heard one time that it is and I'm sensitive to spicy food.?????

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  9. Nice! Hopefully, you guys can help make the Philippines a travel hotspot like how UBE has now become mainstream in the US. We were just in Manila too last month and even stayed at the same hotel (Shangrila). Kare Kare is our favorite.

  10. Oh man – gotta love the food in the Philippines! We loved it, just got back and missing Lechon already haha

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