Making a Knife Maker’s Center Scribe – Easy Project! Useful Tool!

This video shows the making of a knife maker’s center scribe. This tool is uses to scribe a line down the center of a knife blade to add the maker in grinding symmetrical bevels. Knife maker Walter Sorrells demonstrates the project using a manual mill, but the tool can easily be made using simple hand tools.

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37 thoughts on “Making a Knife Maker’s Center Scribe – Easy Project! Useful Tool!”

  1. It is amazing how easily you can get information about projects in this time. Im glad I
    started knife making now and dont live in a generation in which you have to buy books and DvDs.
    Just by watching your videos and Gough Custom's vids I am now able to make a knife. Thanks!

  2. You should try using alcohol of some sort when tapping aluminium. Denatured or vodka, it all works great!

  3. I'd probably guess that 75% of the average knifemakers do not own milling machines…much less CNC Routers. It would be nice if you stuck to the basics. I'm sure those with advanced machinery can figure it out!

  4. you are not only a you tube star but a t v star also saw the show you was on i was rooting for you the whole time your still my hero

  5. You said the symmetrical grinds diminish the likelihood of warping during heat treating.  But aren't a lot of Japanese knives ground with the bevel on one side only?  That's about as asymmetrical as you can get.  Do they always warp?  How do they deal with warping?

  6. I'll give thumb down for every one of your posting accompanying your horrible tunes!
    I think, many will agree with me!
    we like your videos…only,

  7. Walter, is sticking something to a brass rod,
    using a brass filler, soldering, brazing, or welding?

    I'm pretty sure that it isn't soldering, (although
    brazing 2 pieces of steel, IS soldering. (An
    adhesive bond.) Welding USUALLY involves
    steel, but wouldn't joining 2 pieces of brass?
    Sounds like welding, to me.


  8. I have no doubt I could scribe a line somewhere with this. But isn't finding the center the point of using a drill bit (of a known size?

  9. Nice version of an old wood working marking tool. For center finding on an edge I use an even older version. Take some flat stock drill a hole at the center of length through it's face. Then drill two holes either side of that center, equidistant. Put pins in those holes and scriber into center hole. Put the scriber to your working stock and twist the bar until the pins ride on the working stock. Slide it down your edge and instant center line.

  10. so after I've made something like this, what's the best way to measure the depth of the scribe to make sure it gets a line down the center of my blade?

  11. Hello Walter, nice video, as usual. Another great source of carbide scriber tips are the electrodes from TIG welders.

  12. With basic shop tools (Files, drill press, small belt sander) how long do you see this project taking to complete? Thanks!

  13. Walter….nice mill! Dry humor is on point
    Not to be weird or anything but your voice is made for advertising man….should look into that.

  14. Thank's for sharing a well of knowledge on knife making Walter. I still have to make my first knife, but as I feel this is an excellent place to gather the most basic information about tools and techniques I need to get started, I found it to be a good idea to subscribe.

  15. Love your videos. You said you can make these without big power tools. Can you do that in one of your videos with hand tools please?

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