Staged Accidents – Swoop and Squat


This video illustrates the popular “Swoop and Squat” staged car accident. These staged traffic accidents are on the rise, endangering the lives of others and boosting the car insurance rates of innocent drivers who may unwittingly think they’re at fault.


12 thoughts on “Staged Accidents – Swoop and Squat”

  1. It doesn't go down like that all the time. When it happened to me the insurance company ruled it out because it didn't happen like in the video. I had a car full of Haitians in the lane to the left of me suddenly cut in front of me & stand on the brakes so hard I could see the gas tank, before I went well under the bumper & hit the frame. The occupants piled out & sat on the curb except for the driver who wandered off. He told the police I just rammed him for no reason, & the occupants claimed they were never in the car but just happened to be seated on the curb to see it as "witnesses". The first officer on the scene was more concerned with minimum paper work than the truth. This was with a fire fighter observing the other driver walking around & laughing for 20 minutes, before the other driver's father showed up & told him in Creole to "take a dive". The FF told the PO it was a scam, & the PO didn't want to deal with things getting complicated.The FF apologized to me for how the PO's were acting. A large crowd of Haitians gather & the first PO takes off, leaving another PO to finish the paperwork. He was intimidated, & I could see that the remaining PO's were nervous. I also suggested that they print the Haitians & the car interior, & it would be indisputable evidence. That didn't go over too well because it seemed too much like work. Later I couldn't get a statement from the FF because his lieutenant was more concerned with criminals suing the city. I did beat them in court because the witnesses gave false identities & addresses that didn't exist. The PO looked like a fool, & then scribbled a note on my paperwork to cover his ass & make it look like I was getting away with something, instead of him not doing his job. My insurance company paid out the criminals & dropped me before the court sorted the mess out. It just goes to show that in every job some are more suited to doing things well & correctly, & others are slackers or just not good at it at all.

  2. this is not necessarily a scam. Driver has to follow safe distance.And in traffic it is very common not to be  able to switch lane to avoid accident.  

  3. I had that almost happen to me 3 years ago, only difference was that the second car cut back in front of me while already on the exit lane of the highway. I tried to give chase but they go away. After that scene i get a dash cam.

  4. How the hell would this scam even work against all but the most careless of drivers? Plenty of non-scammer cars "swoop" into people's lanes every day on the freeway, and anyone with an ounce of a brain will slow a bit and gradually build safety distance as soon as possible. The more aggressive the swoop, the harder we brake. I don't see this working against anyone with an iota of driving logic.

  5. Stephen ColBERT orchestrated a swoop and squat maneuver last night. But, then he IS a Roman Catholic protected by Jesuits pedophiles.

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