10 Tips for Caring for Your Laptop and Charger


Tips for Caring for Your Laptop and Charger.

Today we are going to talk about care with your notebook and charger. Let's see some suggestions to protect your team from accidents.

The charger is one of the main items that come with your laptop. Avoid folding or "twisting" the power cord. To store it, wind the cable carefully around the charger.
When the laptop is on and plugged in, make sure it is in a ventilated area, on a table and do not leave the charger cable tight and far from the laptop so you do not have a risk of falling.
To turn off your computer, first turn off the laptop, remove the charger from the outlet and finally, disconnect it from the computer.

When you transport your laptop, we recommend that you have a proper backpack and avoid sudden movements.
These movements can damage internal components such as the hard drive and optical drive, for example.
With your laptop on and in use, always choose to put it on a flat table. When you close or turn off the screen make sure that there is no object on the keyboard like a pencil or headphones because these objects can damage the screen.
When your laptop is closed, do not put anything on it like books or boxes because being overweight can damage your screen.
Check the ports of your laptop before using them. When you put a USB device or video input, for example, check the symbols on your computer, because if you connect a device in an incorrect port you can damage the interface and possibly the motherboard.

If you are used to eating or drinking in front of your laptop, be careful! Accidents can cause the total loss of equipment.
Remember, if you follow these steps recommended by us probably the life of your laptop will be better than you imagine!

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