HOW TO START EATING HEALTHY IN 2017 & STICK TO IT / 5 Simple Tips / Nika Erculj

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With the start of 2017, everyone wants to have a healthier lifestyle. I share some tips on how you can start eating healthy, stick to it & change your life!
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Nika Erculj is a Slovenian youtuber & social media personality. She is very interested in fashion, mental and physical health, self help, beauty, astrology, writing and so much more. She loves sharing all of that + her personal life with her following.

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31 thoughts on “HOW TO START EATING HEALTHY IN 2017 & STICK TO IT / 5 Simple Tips / Nika Erculj”

  1. I just found your channel and I just want to say you're absolutely beautiful and I love your videos already thank you beautiful xx

  2. Could you do a video on how it was for you to go vegan and how you accomplished it? By the way: love your style and your videos! ??❤️Subscribed to you immediately??

  3. I use to drink diet soda all of the time and then I decided to finally stop and I feel so much better and I can't even stand the taste of soda any more

  4. @ 6:58
    Ha ha, you seem to be channeling a little bit of Donald Trump!
    But great vid, it has given me a lot to consider. I appreciate ya!

  5. I disliked this video! Sorry! It's not helping anyone when your calling everything disgusting! Just say it's unhealthy! I'm sure people don't feel that great what they're eating and your just making it worse! Js!

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  7. I've watched so many videos like this looking for some actual good advice and just found it. This video is so freaking amazing.?

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