TCSTV Live: Nikon D850 Hands-On Impressions


Why are we up so late? Oh Nikon dropped by with a D850! Chris, Jordan and Russ Vanderleer give their thoughts on the potential new king of DSLRs!

Special thanks to Russ Venderleer, Iain George, Gary Chung and Ron Bubnick

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45 thoughts on “TCSTV Live: Nikon D850 Hands-On Impressions”

  1. what this boils down to is if you are a Nikon guy or a DSLR guy you will love this camera period, I shoot a mirrorless Sony and if you are inclined to use a mirrorless camera it can be argued the 850 doesn't do this or that but it is still the premier DSLR in my mind. Go Getem Nikon Peeps! See ya on the field of battle and lets fight with our photographs not our specs!!!

  2. Drinking…again and again…I just wanna watch the Nikon D850…but not in this channel..I stop in 5 minutes Sorry…

  3. Having rented different brands I do agree Nikon knows grip. Love holding these cameras. Albeit heavy when you add the battery grip. I'm super demanding for AF and image quality but as a Dad with a camera I think I'll stick with my D750-D500 team.

  4. Let me say this IS A SONY MADE SENSOR! The Sony A7RIII will blow the 850 out of the water for IQ when it's tested!!

  5. You want drink a beer, by all means, do it, I love beers, but this is not the place, you guys look a disgrace and very unprofessional doing that. I really want to see the review, but I just stop a certain point for that specific reason. That's ridiculous I'm sorry you guys look like a bunch of fools and I'm very amazed that a company would alowed that, a serious company would never allow anything like that, I get fire if I do on my working place and rightly so.

  6. lol! Couple of pissheads… I can't believe you even put it up.
    To the fella in the middle : Try making eye contact with the camera instead of waving you head around, but then your drunk…
    Feel sorry for the Nikon guy. Its probably the last time they'll ever entertain you.

  7. Why is it that in the US the D850 pre-order price is the same as the D810, but here in Canada it`s $600.00 more than the D810? Why are we getting ripped off?

  8. Premature at best. Until the production model comes out & tested in the real world. Waste of u tube vid if your asking!

  9. is there a minimum iso for video? how many bit output? 10-bit? what parfocal lens for it? you guys are the best. have you done focus stacking landscape? why does middle like wide or box video filming?

  10. i love the beer in the camera close up. speaking of fingerprint it would be good to have a theft deterrent. also ive heard they can steel lens off camera what about a lens clip or strap. also what diff between this and d5?

  11. Who's this camera for? Give me a break. Anyone that can afford it and wants the high megapixel and awesome dynamic rage.

  12. What can't it do? How about natural colors? Nikon can put a haze destroying laser gun in their cameras and I wouldn't care. I hope you guys enjoyed the show 😉

  13. A huge mess to say the least…I didn't stay and watch the whole thing! Who wants to stay and watch them slamming down the beers and nothing out of the Nikon representative! Not a class act!

  14. The ability to photograph negatives intrigues me. Is the attachment available at this time. I am also wondering if CC lightroom updated to accommodate this camera 46 mega pixels. I think they likely are but want to double check.

  15. Sorry but you guys sound like a bunch of idiots on this sitting in a bar and listen to guys trying to out speak each other…waste of time

  16. as much as i like your channel and that yearly video recap where you get drunk (always funny), this was painful to watch for the few minutes i resisted… you should erase it.

  17. That was really fun to watch… and informative. But next time, don't drink this shitty "1664" beer… might be one of the worst French beers out there (from Kronembourg…)! And you might have payed a lot for it in Canada. Just drink better (Canadian?) beer guys! 😉

  18. The Camera Store. kinda fun vid to watch, but BAD price on the camera.why would i buy this camera at the camera store and pay 1000.00 more ???

  19. Well, I enjoyed it. Yes, I see the Nikon guy was feeling awkward, and the alcohol was flowing freely, but it's nice to see some humans on YouTube. I mean, let's face it, there are too many polished, boring, people out there who have all the facts and all the 'perfect' ways to present them. I generally switch off after the first sentence of wankery and pompous tosh – here, I certainly learnt a lot about the D850. It was a bit like having a chat with enthusiastic mates down the pub (he says, giving away his Britannic geo-location…). Relax. If offended, buy the D850 Users Guide when it comes out… no risk of life creeping out at of that and offending you.

  20. Years to earn the trust and respect of your audience, and one annoying/booz filled video to lose it. Bravo! Dismissive of the person there to answer questions, dismissive in tone towards DSLR cameras… and plain painful to watch.

  21. I watched you guys for the first time. What a waste of mine. Will skip you in the future and seek out more substantive videos.

  22. D850 still has a mirror! Any camera that is meant to shoot video that does not have a live viewfinder is awkward. Isn't true every time you want to check your shot you have to pull the camera away to see the back screen. Then if you are in bright light you really can tell much.

  23. I can't believe how many anal prudes there are on this channel. Upset because they are drinking beer and having a relaxed preview. For crying out loud, just chill out!

  24. These guys are great. Would loved to have been there having a beer with them and talking cameras. So they relaxed and let their hair down for one video, one video and people are butt hurt. To all the people upset with this video, get a life!

  25. It's not as much the beer drinking if it is beer? it's just acting like idiots when it comes to Nikon, this guy can make any camera look like it's on top of the world and in 20 seconds he can demolish the review and still make the video look pretty f**** a****

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