Pork Shogayaki Recipe – Japanese Cooking 101

This video will show you how to make Pork Shogayaki, pan-fried sided pork with ginger (shoga) sauce. Similar to Teriyaki, but the flavor of spicy fresh ginger will go great with pork.
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10 thoughts on “Pork Shogayaki Recipe – Japanese Cooking 101”

  1. Hi Ladies, happy to see your videos again! Beside pork, what other meat that goes nicely with this sauce and in same cooking method? Tks, Michi

  2. Very nice video the production quality along with the recipe is amazing, short and to the point. I've only seen a few chiefs make ones this good.

  3. can I use tuna or chicken instead of pork?
    why those pork not marinated to sauce before? i think it'll be more tasty. :3
    anyway nice video and thank you for recipe.

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