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The healthy food I buy & an Acai Bowl recipe!
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23 thoughts on “Healthy Food Haul | Niomi Smart”

  1. you should definitely try the itsu seaweed!! its amazing, i get it all the time from my local supermarkets 🙂

  2. What Kind of seaweed did you buy? Because I really like seaweed but the one I buy is green not purple and from an asian shop

  3. What you said about the thing with sugar in jam and why there even is sugar in most of them, I always say about soy sauce. I've got a glutenfree at home, which is made of soy beans, water and salt. Why do you have to add stupid wheat flour?!?

  4. dont you think niomi would look beautiful with short hair? like you can see how it curls in and if you block out the rest.. yeah? no? Just saying 🙂 i love it long though xx

  5. Niomi! You need to put those seaweed to water and let it soak in for a couple of minutes, wash them with water and then serve with salad or put it into miso soup! After you soak them into water, it'll taste less salty! I'm from Japan and I eat seaweed regularly and they are good once you get used to the sea taste!

  6. You might want to soak the seaweed in water for a couple of hours then it will be tasted much less salty and so much softer, you can also soak it overnight like what I always do!

  7. add the seaweed to a sushi bowl! make the rice and add whatever raw/cooked veg you'd have in sushi and add some seaweed, yuuuuuummmm

  8. You have to soak the seaweed in water until it gets softer (10-15min). It will rinse off the salt which comes from the drying process at the same time. Then, you can add to your salad just like a topping of nuts! Seaweed makes your hair more beautiful. Konnyaku is made of yum potato. A little chewy but it's a great healthy alternative!

  9. Nice. Please keep doing such videos.. Love them all.. lol have been watching literally all your videos..?

  10. You should checkout the Cornish Seaweed Company. Their website explains all the different types of seaweed that they sustainably gather and how you can use each different type. It doesn't all taste horribly salty and is really versatile in dishes!

  11. Seaweed supposed to make soup like vegetable broth. If you eat it like that, it would taste bad. Anyway, you look beautiful Niomi. ??

  12. my new years resolution is to get healthier and be more positive so I am just rewatching all you health and fitness videos lol love you! ??

  13. Seaweed isn't weird to eat raw, it's very common in japan, it's just weird to everyone else since it's quite different, but that seaweed is very raw, get a green one with some salt added, it's very tasty.

  14. There are no healthy food shops near us and I really like the look of whole foods and raw things. Also, source box is too expensive I'm only 14 so I can't ever get hold of this

  15. You really do feel bad about your lifestyle. I like seeing the healthy food but not the statistics and numbers about how bad your 'non plant-based' diet is

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