Top 10 Jim Carrey Moments

Top 10 Jim Carrey Moments. Who doesn’t love Jim Carrey!


45 thoughts on “Top 10 Jim Carrey Moments”

  1. Hi Luke , can anyone plzzz tell me what's the intial song used in the beginning…………?????
    that Man Singing something , what's that ???

  2. The only problem is that most of the clips are always from same movie… Definitely not the top 10 Jim Carrey moments…

  3. What is that song in the beginning called, I can't remember the name of it for the life of me. I'm not being sarcastic by the way.

  4. dear jim .from morocco iwant to tell that i lauth intel crying when i watch your movies .you are the best.god bless you for eve

  5. Here in Canada, Carrey should be declared a national treasure. A comic genius, I don't know how he is able to channel Jerry Lewis, Abbot and Costello, AND Wayne and Shuster at the same time.

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