Easy Origami Box


This origami tutorial will teach you how to easily make a paper box, also called Masu box. For making the lid just take slightly bigger (or smaller) paper square. Experiment with different colors 😉

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49 thoughts on “Easy Origami Box”

  1. This is so easy! I was mind blown, I thought it would take ages, but it only took me a minute or two to make. Thank you so much!

  2. I like the video but maybe you should slow the video down bit, cause it might be hard for some people to keep up. Either way, good video!

  3. OMG this actually worked!!!!! I'm not good at origami but this was like BOMB!!!! other videos make me dizzy!!! LOL thx!

  4. Only box tutorial that has worked for me! all of the other ones i try come out crazy and complicated… Thanks so much for sharing this tutorial!

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