Disturbed – The Vengeful One [Official Music Video]

New Album “Immortalized” Out Now:

Directed by Phil Mucci

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Disturbed – The Vengeful One [Official Music Video]


48 thoughts on “Disturbed – The Vengeful One [Official Music Video]”

  1. Me gusto mucho pero me di cuenta que los vatos de seguridad de la televisora llevaban mp40… Para referenciar a los nazis? Tal ves no lo se

  2. Too bad things don't work this way…But at least someone is noticing what is going on.. We are being played by the media bigtime

  3. World Peace will be achieve when: They* RELEASE PLANET EARTH (natural resources+space(land))+let everyone have clean water, food and home all the time = then we will reach the Infinity (Paradise)
    Limited resources and space (for now, only Planet Earth) = Limit quantity of population (for now, until getting more Planets)

  4. They say that when Overwatch was released, Disturbed had already gotten 1 thousand kills with Reaper.

    Like in those Chuck Norris jokes or something.

  5. Just realized, the zombies eating the intern, the intern's name was hope, and it symbolized that all hope for peace was dead.

  6. You know if you are the Dark Messiah if you can: 1. Shoot a double barrel shotgun eight times
    2. Can project a stream of energy from your hand
    3. Have a bad ass motorcycle

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