How to Become an Early Riser | The Art of Manliness

Why and how to become an early riser. For more details read this article:


27 thoughts on “How to Become an Early Riser | The Art of Manliness”

  1. YOU:: "Keep the alarm clock far away from your bed" ME:: "There's no point! I don't even HEAR the alarm clock!!!!"

  2. I wish there was a video that showed how to wake up early even if you sleep at like 2. Any suggestions?

  3. mediation has nothing to do with being spiritual haha it's science and helps control your thought process.

  4. the reason to wake up earlier is to remember and write down your damn dreams. Once you begin doing this habitually you will seriously wonder why you didnt write down years worth of dreams.

  5. Try using the alarm maths quiz – even if you get out of bed to stop the alarm, you'll want to go back to bed and the underdog always wins these fights. Having an alarm maths quiz (where you have to answer simple puzzles before the alarm shuts off) will help you mentally wake up as well

  6. I prefer to go to sleep between 3 and 4 am and wake up between 12 and 1 pm. It's probably because i work from five pm to 2 am though… But joining the Air Force I'll be forced to wake up early.

  7. Is this channel for dudes with small dicks who feel insecure about their masculinity? Because I actually have a tiny penis, and I'm so Beta it's Omega as fuck.

    I just need to be more manly :'(

    Goddamn my existence, I hope this channel helps meeeee…

  8. Trust me, I have to go to the wardrobe clear across my room, take a chair, stretch to the back of my wardrobe, pick up my phone, turn off my 7 a.m alarm, and I still go to sleep until 9 a.m. So put your alarm away from you… meeeh, it doesn't work for me.

  9. Step 1: get a job that requires you to be there before 6 am everyday
    Step 2: do everything to make step 1 more comfortable

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