30 Minute Ski Conditioning Workout – Fitness Blender Strength and Cardio Training


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42 thoughts on “30 Minute Ski Conditioning Workout – Fitness Blender Strength and Cardio Training”

  1. i do crossfit, and going snowboarding for the first time….wanted to find a good leg workout…you did it…great job!

  2. Hey thanks. We have some that are way more brutal than this one, if you are feeling brave! Good luck snowboarding Chad!

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  8. that was wicked!  great cardio and exposed a lot of weakness in my legs.  if i grab a core workout to alternate with this one i'll be rippin' it up this season!

  9. done, going skiing in March, going to use this to get my ski legs.  🙂  Thanks for the video, liked and subscribed.

  10. Thank you soo much for this video!!!!!! I started this workout a month before I left for my ski trip so glad I did!!

  11. This is awesome. Just started this workout a week ago. For the month or two prior, I had been doing lots of leg work, and I thought my legs were in good shape, then I did this workout…

    As for the recommended cardio, is that done the same day as the workout, or alternate days? 

  12. Aw man, my knees… I admit it is hard, but I could push through it if it weren't for my right knee… started about a year ago

  13. I've had ski related knee injuries in the past and was looking for exercises to build knee strength for ski season. This workout definitely targets the muscles that protect your knees and is great for balance and stability, so I think continuing with this workout through the fall will be really helpful. I would not recommend it to anyone with fresh knee injuries as there is a lot of twisting and impact on the knees!

  14. This is a great workout! It took me a few weeks until I could make it through the entire session. Nicely produced and high quality.

  15. It is imperative that when you do rotation drills that the head stays forward as lower body rotats
    to avoid rotation in the ski turn. While skiing the shoulders should be facing down hill. Have fun Dick Paschke  Aspen Co

  16. Is it fine to start it in the middle of the season? (now mid Feb)I wonder if it makes the muscles exhausted for the real ski. 
    If yes, what is your recommendation for doing it? Daily, every other day,… (I know it depends on body condition. for me, at the end of a day skiing in muguls must of the time, I felt pain in my thigh muscles and could not control very well while skiing!!)

  17. Definitely the best from home workout I've found. I try to keep my knees loose and bent during the hop exercises. This makes the landing less jarring and I would think also make this more ski-like. The lateral hops are hard on my ankles, so I two-leg those and concentrate on the distance of the hop and I keep going right through the "switch" break to keep my cardio going. Also, I try to keep my hands and lower arms in front of me and level, as if I were holding ski poles. This way the arms are not contributing to upward momentum in the hops and I'm isolating the exercise more.

  18. Great workout for ski conditioning. It's punishing, but 30 minutes well spent. I''m glad to see from the other comments below that I'm not the only one that finds this hard 🙂 Recommended

  19. Will this prepare me for skiing possibe in 7 days time hahaha I know ive let this late and im not in the best shape tbh not fat but got a little flab on the stomach and i get breathless a bit earlier cus of my asma any tips for me thanks

  20. The first day I did this I felt like I was going to collapse half way through. Then I got delayed onset muscle soreness (normal after a new routine). The advice said to work through the soreness so, I tried this routine a couple of days later, and it was actually easier. Amazing how quick the body starts to adapt to new workouts!

    So for anyone aching after the first time, don't get put off, get stuck in!

  21. SUper workout
    Da komme ich ins Schwitzen, trainiere meine Muskeln und was viel wichtiger ist mein Gleichgewichtssinn

  22. Hey guys, i wanna know when do you rest and for how long. For example after every set, or after completing a set of the two or three exercises in the group. Thanks in advance!

  23. I just invented my own ski exercise. It's just what u do without the jump. For a minute I thought I was inventing a new exercise but wondered if there was such a thing already so I typed into YouTube skier exercise and found your video. Even though I wasn't the founder of it, at least I know Iam creative lmaoo

  24. I'm going skiing in 3 weeks and decided to start exercising now. I am not in the best shape due to injuries and lack of exercise. This program is amazing. I got out of breath, sweated and exhausted but I'm sure if I do it every day for 3 weeks I will be in a decent shape for skiing. Let's hope it will help my knees because I always end up with a huge pain in my knees after skiing.

  25. Hey Guys, when you say add in a 30-60 min cardio routine, does that mean straight after this? Or at another day of the week? What is a good weekly regime to get me ready for the slopes. Thanks 🙂

  26. GROUP ONE- 0:27
    exercise 1 (isolation jump squat)- 0:28
    exercise 2 (russian twist)- 1:20
    GROUP TWO- 5:28
    exercise 3 (agility dots)- 5:34
    exercise 4 (tricep dips)- 6:42
    GROUP THREE- 11:35
    exercise 5 (single leg lateral hops)- 11:40
    exercise 6 (high knee stepover)- 12:37
    GROUP FOUR- 19:02
    exercise 7 (single leg ventral hops)- 19:08
    exercise 8 (three point squat)- 20:05
    GROUP FIVE- 25:15
    exercise 9 (low squat jump twist)- 25:20
    exercise 10 (lunge with rotation)- 25:51

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