The Sport of Kings: Polo


Polo is back, or at least that is Nacho Figueras’s dream, as he leads the charge to bring the sport of kings back to the playing fields of America.


31 thoughts on “The Sport of Kings: Polo”

  1. I'm a little jealous that this sport is only for the rich or connected and it's so easy girls and women play it and the horses do basically 96% of the work but it does look fun as hell.

  2. polo is evil people pull on the bit while kicking the poor horse to make it gallop you keep its reins forward to their neck in gallop

  3. The best polo player for the last decade has been Adolfo Cambiaso. The guy in the video is no match for argentine pro players

  4. @ 06.30 in the presenter says that a racehorse peaks at 3 or 4, however, that is a VERY 'soft' comment: she seems to be thinking of Flat horses, only, which, individually, can 'peak' at any time,: for some, even when they're in double-figures. The comment, obviously, doesn't even admit the existence of Jumpers, many of which come from an earlier career as Flat horses. Presenters need to be up on this very basic knowledge of whichever subject they are broadcasting on.

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