[TOP10] Top 10 human descendants difficult to die

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[TOP10] Top 10 human beings are hardly dead.

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No. 10 Anna Joe Hudson
The temperature in her body was only 13.7 degrees. And have a pulse beating lightly. She survived the transfer to the doctor in time.
 9th place
At an altitude of 33,000 feet, Vesnavovic fell from the plane and was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the man who fell from the highest heights and survived without a parachute.
8th place
Roy Suvivian, who was dubbed He was struck by lightning. 7 times together And still alive
Rank 7
Eron Ralston, 27, cut his arm with a rock. And broken bone To survive
6th place
Moro Pierce lost his way to the marathon. Kill 20 bats To suck it blood to relieve thirst. And eat fishy food is life.
5th place
Robert Evans was hit by a driver and then escaped. And during the walk back after He was rushed into the train. Both of these occur in just 7 hours apart.
4th place
Helen Clabb and Ralph Forest's plane. Flores crashed and fell into the wilderness. By staying in cold weather and food shortages for a total of 42 days.
the 3rd place
Analie Brosolski beamed through the proton beam through his skull. The number of rays is more than two hundred thousand. Into the skull and survive.
2nd place
The body is cut into two parts. Even losing both legs and kidneys. Duncan calls the rescuers on his own. And survive for up to 45 minutes before the help arrives.
1st place
Francesella is one of the most well-known people in the field of dying several times.
However, in 2003 Victory was awarded by the lottery. The total amount is $ 1 million.

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