Tools and Techniques for Repairing Broken Camera Lens Filters


Our very own Sean Charlesworth used to fix cameras and lenses at NYU, and brings his collection of tools and techniques for repairing broken camera lens filters like the one on Norm’s camera. Here are some useful tips in case you ever run into this problem!

Find some of the tools Sean showed here:
Rubber mat recommendation:

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Tested is:
Adam Savage
Norman Chan
Simone Giertz
Joey Fameli
Kishore Hari
Frank Ippolito
Sean Charlesworth
Jeremy Williams
Gunther Kirsch
Ryan Kiser

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43 thoughts on “Tools and Techniques for Repairing Broken Camera Lens Filters”

  1. Use a linear polarizing filter instead of clear helps reduce reflections which protecting the front glass of the lens.

  2. what a stupid idiot indeed. at least mask the front glass to protect it from sparks. also pliers are invented 100 years ago.. stupid

  3. I have a tamron that the focus ring unattached from the body on. I can slide it around on the lens and snap it into place and I am able to focus but it moves off the correct place very easily.

  4. As they said in the video the filter can protect the lens itself from things that could cause damage. For those who play airsoft for instance something like a filter could be used a what I call a sacrificial lens.

  5. get a strap. i use a sling style and i love it. hangs nicely at my side and easy to raise up for shooting.

  6. Or, instead of just relying on the filter, use a strap. I don't like using them myself but it's saved me from buying thousands of dollars in camera glass over the past twenty years.

  7. Sean is really methodical! Adam probably just wanted to use his bandsaw to remove the filter so Norman could have a heart attack. LOL! I really loved seeing Norm's frightened face every time Adam went to his bandsaw. Where is Simone?

  8. get a strap that attaches to the bottom of the camera. Not a traditional strap. But then you wouldn't have material for a couple of vids…

  9. This advise is way too complicated, point one….good, point two and onwards are just way more involved than it needs to be. I've instructed you guys 'how to' on the previous videos you've made concerning broken filters but you fail to listen.

  10. This comment section: Ten thousand people who, for some reason, think Norm won't damage a camera if he has a strap

  11. To everyone saying get a camera strap: 1) pro-level video cameras don't have straps 2) straps often get in the way when shooting video. Great video! NYU film pride. Managed not to break any lenses in my 4 years, but often removed the front filters because they seemed to muddy up the beautiful lens flares you can get with high-quality glass

  12. I question the statement of not using a UV Filter. Prolong exposure to UV can cause the lens coatings to separate from the glass and the your your lens is tost. Also it can prevent lens fungus from forming inside the lens. A simple UV Filter is a must on all my cameras lenses.

  13. You should just have 2 filters on, the first one gets destroyed and the 2nd one will act as a buffer between the first one and the lens 😛

  14. Had a stuck filter on my old 18–55 kit lens for years. thanks to your gentle tap while flat on the table its now free. thx peeps. 😀

  15. If you have dropped your lens – it is probably not okay. Even if the glass did not break, it it took a knock – it will affect the sharpness.

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