Ultimate Booty Lift and Cardio Workout by Laurie N


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Ultimate Booty Lift and Cardio Workout by Laurie N

Part 1: Plyo  HIIT and Hip Thrusts

16” elv
heavy weights/sandbag

Plyo plus Hip Thust:                                 
plyo moves with hip thrusts in between. 50 sec on then 15 hip thrusts.
1. Quadzillas
2. Double Burpees
3. Tire run High knees
4. Squat jumps
5. Skaters
6. Reach backs+ Ninjas tuck jumps 
7. Prisoner jacks 
8. Roll back tuck jumps
9. lateral plyo push-ups+ 2 plank tuck jumps 
10. Broad jump bunny hop back
11.  Plank jack (4) + mat hops (4)
12. Switch lunges + front kick 
13. Lateral touchdowns 
14. Rocket Lunge pistol 
15. Rocket Lunge pistol 

Part 2: Deadlift Madness : HIIT 50:10
Set 1: 15 minutes
1. RL deadlift
2. Squat jumps
3. LL DL
4. High knees
5. Stiff leg DL
6. Plank jacks
7. RL curtsy DL
8. Froggy pushup plank hop
9. LL curtsy DL
10. Skaters + curtsy hop
11. Sumo DL
12. Broad jump bunny hop back
13. RL split leg DL
14. Jugglers
15. LL split leg DL

Set 2: 15 minutes
1. Superman Burpees
2. RDL
3. Quadzillas burpee
4. RL DL
5. switch kick sl burpee
6. LL DL
7. Prisoner jacks tricep burpee
8. Sumo DL
9. Roll back tuck jumps burpee
10. RL curtsy DL
11. Switch lunge squat jump burpee
12. LL curtsy DL
13. Burpee heel clicks
14. RDL 
15. Star burpees


31 thoughts on “Ultimate Booty Lift and Cardio Workout by Laurie N”

  1. This looks great, its on schedule for tomorrow! I saw on Facebook when you had mentioned a workout that had the same format as the chest builder and cardio with hip thrusts in-between instead of the pushups and I got excited right away. Thanks Julia and Laurie!

  2. Julia and Laurie, this was the workout of my dreams! (Though I am sure it will turn into a nightmare later, when the post workout soreness comes for a visit :))

  3. Great format. This was amazing and my legs are burning. Loved the deadlift circuit with burpees.I am drenched. Thanks Julia n Laurie for this challenging workout. Have a wonderful day ladies!!

  4. this was amazing girls, quick and fun and even a struggle. all in one! i was sweating a pool of water! even my shoes became wet. i liked the format very much as well! thank you!

  5. This looks amazing! Will need to schedule on the calendar for sure. But it seems like the second set of part 2 is missing in the description? I only ask because I often print these routines to take with me 🙂

  6. Oh yes!! my 2 favorites rolled into 1! cardio and booty work, I cannot wait to kill this later today! you both rock ???

  7. Julia and Laurie, I LOVED this workout! When I first read the breakdown I had plans to do another video after, but then the burpee/deadlift section was a pleasant??? surprise! LOL! I love deadlifts! I'll definitely have to do this again soon! This was great! Thank you!

  8. Thank you Laurie for these moves creation and you Julia making my bitter morning pill!! I guess my doctor wondering where I am and of course my pharmacist will bury me alive! Am already dead with this cardio hiit…..Enjoy the day!!

  9. This looks killer….Can't wait to see the calorie burn for this one. My glutes are still sore from your lower body tabata by Jamie so I will save this one for Sunday's workout. Thanks ladies for awesome workouts

  10. This was no joke! The first part of deadlift madness was the hardest for me, high knees and jugglers almost gave me a heart attack !
    And my butt started to burn after only 30 hip thrust, so I let you imagine how they felt by the end of the workout.

    I really loved it, and it went very fast! Thank you ladies!

  11. Hello Laurie and Julia! This workout was calling me since 5am this morning! I just did it now at 4pm! The plyo moves with hip thrusts section wore me out the most! Especially starting with Quadzillas! And I couldn't do the hip thrusts with my dumbbells all the time! I love this format so much! I still cannot go down past 90 degrees doing the pistol squats but its ok! And I am starting to embrace and not be scared of leg strength moves! My legs and whole body are SO DONE now! DRENCHED and DRIPPING SO MUCH SWEAT NOW… onto my keyboard too! LOL! Thank you so much for this leg burning workout! Have a good day and night! 🙂

  12. I am melting right now! Loved the format and cardio mixed with strength. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong, but the hip thrusts were hurting my back and knees today, so I did 20/leg donkeys, side raises, butterfly bridges, and bridge pulses. This was just as tough as everyone claimed it to be. Thanks I needed this calorie torcher….I have been indulging in way too many sweets the past few weeks, and my waistline is expanding by the day. Gotta put a stop to it and get back to healthier diet. Laurie and Julia…thank you so much for an awesome workout.

  13. This was fun! Thank you Laurie and Julia for this booty shaping workout! Loved the mix between cardio and strength. I burnt here (no vest) 420 cal.

  14. oh my! summer decided to show up in England this weekend. I am beat. those pistol squats at the end of round 1 were evil.

  15. Complete this workout this morning!! It was awesome !!! Loved those cardio with booty lift …today I tried using heavy weight , my barbell 17kg and db 7kg per hand, oh my!! it felt burn …:) Thank you for sharing, Julia and Laurie N :))

  16. It can add the kick move after the jump move ( 22:15~22:20 ) , i think the kick is a kind of legs workout , and the the jump move is also a kind of legs workout.

  17. This was even harder than I thought it would be! After about the first half of the first set I was realizing this was no joke!! Haha! I'm going to have to cool it on my water consumption so I don't have to squat down to the toilet as much for the next couple days –haha! Obviously just kidding-drink your water! 🙂

  18. Oh my is my butt kicked along with everything else. That was awesome. Thank you Laurie and Julia for the beast mode workout.

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