GoPro: Ara and Spirit “The Sidecar Dog”

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Ara and Spirit travel across the country in their sidecar motorcycle and learn about some of life’s toughest lessons.

Shot 100% on the HERO4® camera from ‪

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“The Next Freedom”
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33 thoughts on “GoPro: Ara and Spirit “The Sidecar Dog””

  1. Really hart warming and chill as this dude lives the remainder of his life with his best friend and alleys waiting for him he is the true definition of a patient down to earth person i hope his journey lives long and healthy.. Very inspiring

  2. On one of my rides I met the fellow who made the LOST decal. Coincidentally, I lost it. Any idea where I could find another? And yeah, great video.

  3. So good, I felt like a chump when the logo popped up at the end to remind me I was really just being marketed to. Still, for branded content this was great.

  4. What you said about ,"Pit Bulls" You are preaching to the choir hear. You have more freedom than you know, you have the answer, quit looking.

  5. Great trip, cool dog, ya knees in da breez. Better than working 40 hrs a week for the man. I hope you and the dog enjoy the rest of your life. Great vid man.

  6. +MicBergsma *****Subtitles**********I hope someone will find this useful.
    0:04 Ohhhh. You are so crazy huh… So like someone told me not too long ago… we are lucky.
    0: 27 Good-hair-day today laugh
    0: 31 Hey buddy! Where you go? Huh
    0:59 There is our mailbox. Look we have mail… junk.
    1:19 Oh. You are such a good boy. X4
    1:29 Huh hear buddy. Go ahead. Come and eat. Ah here I will put it here for you. You are so spoiled.
    1:44 So this is our home. We made it to the oasis. It has been a few years. We are going on 8 Years on the road. Ah… I try to keep it simple in here.
    1:59 I quite my business – I was always self-employed – worldwide, as a personal chef. Just couldn’t handle it.
    2:14 10 years ago my only child passed away from liver cancer… after 2 years of battling.
    2:30 I remember it was a Friday night.. I just decided we are taking off. We could have run a studio and watch TV the rest of our lives; drink a 12-pack a night. I don’t know. But we like being outdoor.
    3:03 Hey buddy how are you doing?
    3:06 Mother nature is my mistress and eh… she is very generous. Pretty cool. Yeah… She is very quiet today. There is not a single cloud outside. It is calm.
    3:29 This is my center of my universe as I call it. This is where my mother is. Here is my son Lance. See, I can some and talk to them every day here.
    3:59And here is “old-faithful”. She looks tired, but she is not – she is good girl. I washed it in 1996.
    4:11 See here is my favorite sticker “My Pitbull is smarted than your honor-student” No offense.
    4:25 8 years later I am realizing the answers are there is really no answers. We always want to know why but there is no “why”. It is just the fabric of life. And I am okay with that.
    4:48 How is the hair today?
    4:54 His name is Spirit by the way. My buddy who has rescued me and I rescued him. Always ready. There we go! A nice shake! He is so sweet. Whatever you think about Pit-bulls is all a bunch of lies.
    5:19 Someday I will be buried here on the south-end and spirit will be on the north end.
    5:30 Ah- you see that? I think this is pretty cool. Yeah. Someone told me not too long ago I was a lucky guy. And I looked at him… kinda wrong. I said how can you say that? I lost what I cherish the most! He said “No…” he said “I didn’t mean it that way- I meant it as you are lucky that you found… this path.”

  7. Ara and Spirit have become somewhat legendary out here in West Texas, especially among motorcyclists. I've never met him personally, but I'm sure I will one day, as he comes through my town from time to time. Make no mistake, the way of life he has carved for himself has not necessarily been easy. He's had health problems recently and his resolve to live semi-nomadically has undoubtedly been tested. Still, I don't think a single one of us would begrudge him his way of life. Discomfort is often the price for freedom, but is well worth the price as far as I'm concerned.

  8. For anyone wondering about the instrumental music in the background, the song is called "goodbye wanderer" from the composer Antonio Pinto.

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