Google Has Been Recording Your Voice


What unexpected voice clips did you find? Let me know in the comments!

Head over to to check for recorded clips from your device (must be logged into Google account). This recording function exists to help Google understand your language better in the future for voice search etc. The problem arises from “hot words” that launch the voice function and sometimes record audio unknowingly. This feature can be turned off completely if paranoia strikes. In my case it had recorded roughly a dozen audio exchanges that I was unaware of.

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34 thoughts on “Google Has Been Recording Your Voice”

  1. Wow… I'm not using Google search through my voice anymore. Half the time my phone can't pick up "Ok Google" for some reason anyway. Lol

  2. okay Google – unbox therapy guy I forgot

    my phone: fuck is him let's put up the voice search mate

  3. on my other account all i hear is Myself saying Where the fuck is my fucking iphone? Ill fucking Beat your shit

  4. method 1 root your phone uninstall all google apps method 2 install costum rom like lineage os or replicant os use duckduckgo search engine

  5. Sounds like a bunch of pervy old dudes work at google
    Oh well , Guess we all have to get our dicks hard some how
    You know when the Viagra gives out why not a bunch of old google dudes listening in just to get a hardon

  6. there`s nothing Google recorded on my phone…no Audios 😉 you just have to check the right box when your starting your brandnew Smartphone for the first time..

  7. These are clips of audio that have been captured because your device thought you were giving it a command using voice control.
    What I like about this is that Google has the decency to let users see everything that is stored about them and more importantly delete them if you want to.
    Where does the audio clip go when you say a sentence that sounds similar to "Hey Siri"?

  8. I want to get a record of calls made to a specific person on facebook. All the calls were made through messenger. Is it possible to get the timings and duration of calls?… plz help admin ?

    Yes. Google has really outdone it's self by creating such an adition to their products.
    I was soo amazed at the material but even more about the fact that it captured conversations on just one side and not the other person responding or talking. Great picking up background noises too. You can get all the other data attached to like maps, time, date, and soo forth in the other places too.
    Especially when you can play a guilty person back the shit they can't recall or "Forget" and they run out the door. True story….LMAO
    My thoughts, just keep playing stupid…..
    Creep factor: 10
    WOW factor: 10
    Wonder factor:10

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