This video will show you how to contour EVERY SINGLE NOSE SHAPE. Get immediate results from this simple video on how to contour your nose shape.


Sorry for the volume change in the video – you will need to adjust your volume HIGHER on your computer during the demonstration.

Contouring the nose can be tricky because everyone just thinks “oh, i’ll just draw two lines down the side and it will look better”. Sometimes that only makes things worse depending on what nose shape you have.

Here i have outlined the most common nose shapes.

Full Directions for each nose shape are below and video clip is above.

Bulbous Nose Shape:

Shade tip of nose on either side. The bridge may or may not need correcting – check to make sure. Highlight the bridge of the nose.

Irregular Nose Shape:

Draw a straight line down the nose ignoring any curve. Do not highlighter the bridge unless necessary (i.e. – the bridge is very narrow).

Shadowed Nose Bridge Shape:

Highlight bridge of nose (usually between eyebrow) – shade down the sides of the nose.

Narrow Nose Shape:

Highlight inner eye area and down bridge of the nose and slightly onto sides of the nose depending on how wide you want the bridge to look.

Triangular Nose Shape:

Shade half way down the bridge. Stop. Shade the rest – leaving a shape in the middle.

Highlight the gap you left.

Flat Nose Shape:

Shade the bridge of the nose and into the brow area. Blend well.

I used only cream foundations for this tutorial. I use Kett Cream foundations in the Olive Range.

As mentioned i used shades that were much lighter and darker as to “show” the placement.

I hope you find it interesting and you learn something from it.

Thank you for your time.




  1. This would have been easier to understand with pictures of the noses, not just the names, so that it is very clear. Great video anyways x

  2. Hey! i'm realy realy thankful that you made this video, i finally know how to do my nose, since i was strugling with it from years and years, you're Great! Keep the fab works up! <3

  3. I am learning, but contouring my nose is difficult because it was broken, so I have to strategically place multiple tones to straighten it. Does anyone else have this issue?

  4. This looks sooo difficult, very compicated to understand how big those lines shoud be, I think it depends on many things… I am happy I have no problems like that, my nose is quite beatiful. Boys always say it is cute 🙂 But sometimes it looks a little bit too childish to me hahahah

  5. Under that description cracked me up ! I thought I was imagining things when I read – do I look gay to you? In big letters lmfao yes mr goss – you always definately look very gay ! Lol

  6. thank you so much! I have a broken nose from when I was younger that is crooked. I have not been able to figure out how to contour it and make it look good. I am so trying your tip!!!

  7. Hello, could you do a video showing how to improve side profile of face? For example make nose look smaller from side view, or make it seem not to stick out so far?My nose protrudes and I have slight recessive chin. And there's no good videos on how to contour this

  8. Thank you! I see so much about contouring to make a long thin nose… I already have that. Too long. Too thin. Thanks for the tip 😀

  9. This may sound stupid but I have a strong bridge nose and I would have never have thought to highlight there I always draw a dark vertical line on what I call "the bump" and hope it makes the bump appear smaller

  10. I have a request. I have watched a LOT of videos about how to contour your nose, but there is still one video I have never seen. One about how to make to tip of your nose look smaller. I'd like it to look wider, like you demonstrated in this vid, but then also with a smaller tip. Please make a tutorial about that, would be much appreciated!

  11. My skin is So Pale I don't know what type of highlighter to use—I use Ivory stick foundation by bobbi brown, as to how light my skin is…

  12. I have a long nose it really look nice from the front but looks really long from the side in pictures how can contour it so my side pose look good in the pictures?

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