Samsung Galaxy S8 vs LG G6 – Speed Test! (4K)


Samsung Galaxy S8 vs LG G6 Speed Test comparison.

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32 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S8 vs LG G6 – Speed Test! (4K)”

  1. Thats so stupid to spend like over price money for the speed 😀 and for some shit that u will not use in your life.
    Great Flagship phone, with a good price today, LG G6, its my choice. definitley. i was touch the S8 and the G6 in the shop, and i love the G6 more, and its surprised me that its cost less then the S8 in 2 times. its makes my day.
    The best smartphone for me. also i hate the curved display, and if samsung will continiue to make that stupid curved display, i think i will not buy samsung forever, in the other words i will forget about samsung smartphones.

  2. your broke buy the g6 last years specs, you want nothing but the best, latest specs and you have money buy the s8

  3. TBH the g6 can compete with the s8 but the g6 can't outstand it, lg is just learning year by year so don't be shocked when Samsung has better stuff than lg's… Besides they didn't start together… If u really want a battle between smart phones iOS could give us that.

  4. The G6 looks like a chinese S8 copy unfortunately. They shouldn't have used round corners for the display. There's enough bezel left for them to be unnecessary.

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