Food Wishes Recipes – The Secret to Lump-Free Sauces – How to Make Sauce with No Lumps

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Learn how to make lump-free sauces! Visit to get more info, and watch over 350 free video recipes. Thanks and enjoy!


28 thoughts on “Food Wishes Recipes – The Secret to Lump-Free Sauces – How to Make Sauce with No Lumps”

  1. When I make soup I add hot stock to my roux to save time, but I make sure to wisk it very thouroughly and this prevents it from lumping. I briskly wisk for about 20 seconds after it looks fully incorporated.

  2. i watched about a hundred of your wonderful recipes and i still have to smile at the end, when you say: "Enjoy!" Its magical! Thank you chef john

  3. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I've been doing a lot of recipes with roux sauces, and NONE had instructions on how to do it properly. This was extremely helpful!

  4. Almost all roux is 50% oil (butter) to 50% flour. Then add milk until you get the consistency you want in the sauce. Enjoy–:)

  5. "…Beside keep the moustache, because it will make you look like a chef.."
    ROFL Hahahaha.. I'm a fan of Chef John now… LOL

  6. I cook meat and when the fats and juices are left over I poor in my sour-cream + flour + water mixture in, makes for a lovely sauce in my honest opinion, especially if there are caramelized onions still in the pan

  7. Chef, you said it's the thickest when it comes to a simmer. But couldn't you boil it down to make it even thicker?

  8. every recipe i s
    read stated to add warm milk, and my cheese sauce always came out looking grainy afterward.
    ill have to apply this next time.

  9. Wait do you turn off the heat after the flour is cooked? And then add the cold milk? And does it matter if you add all the milk at once? And appx how much per cup of flour to milk or butter thanks. Love you vids. Great.

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