DJI Spark vs Hover Camera vs Yuneec Breeze vs Zerotech Dobby — The Palm Size Drone Comparison [4K]


Happy Father’s Day! Are you looking for a Palm Sized Drone for your Dad? I’m here to help!
DJI Store:
Zerotech Dobby:
Yuneec Breeze:
Hover Camera:

No drones were harmed during making of this video.

My Cameras
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Sony RX100M5:
Sony RX100M4:
Sony FDR-X3000R: (with live view remote)
Sony FDR-X3000: (no live view remote)
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45 thoughts on “DJI Spark vs Hover Camera vs Yuneec Breeze vs Zerotech Dobby — The Palm Size Drone Comparison [4K]”

  1. As i see, you fly your drones around LA beaches (Santa Monica, Venice…), I plan to come Santa Monica this end of summer with my new Mavic pro. However, I read many article on internet that it is not easy anymore to fly drones in LA. even i checked B4UFly app, these area is closed for drones. How do you get the permission to fly your drone there (Beaches)? I will come from Istanbul and i registered my drone in FAA, do i have to do more? Teşekkürler İphonedo….

  2. You neglected to mention both breeze and dobby include 2 batteries in their base models. I get you were favoring the spark but don't try to make the others look bad.

  3. Dear iPhonedo, I'm really hesitating for which drone to buy, because my money is limited and Spark is a really great drone Spark Will be the most simplest but Mavic is a great drone too. What would hou advise

  4. I first found your channel doing research on the DJI Osmo Mobile, now I'm subscribed 😀 I love your intro by the way

  5. Nope never go for spark . I bought one for just the gesture mode function when I already had Breeze. Stupid spark flew crazy on me and broken in pieces in my very first fly. DJI is very bad on their warranty., And the video footage is terrible on spark comparing to my Breeze. Soon I will be posting a video with spark fly and DJI warranty experiences.

  6. As a Yuneec Breeze owner DO NOT buy this Fisher Price drone is not worth the money. Even the company sucks!

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