Ball Hogs vs Tri-State | BIG3 HIGHLIGHTS


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Check out all the best action from the BIG3 as the Ball Hogs takes on Tri-State.

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39 thoughts on “Ball Hogs vs Tri-State | BIG3 HIGHLIGHTS”

  1. Scalabrine, the Chuck Norris of the Big Three. Elevating the league to grateness. He's there when you need him, he's there when you do…lets just say he is always there.

  2. What do Charles Barkley, Karl Malone and Reggie Miller have in common? Less championships than B. Scal…combined. Just sayin'.

  3. I can't believe they let Brian Scalabrini in the BIG3 league. It's like a cheat code. They should've at least tried to handicap him by making it 1v3.

  4. I thought big3 was the dumbest thing ever…but then I found out that they had Brian Scalabrine and I now watch literally every game

  5. Do you guys actually find this to be entertaining? I watch the highlights and even that bores me to death. I rather watch summer league.

  6. I would like to see them make this game a full court 4 on 4 i think it would be even much better and have a greater potential. If they can somehow do that I love it

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