The NEW 2017 Razer Blade Stealth 13″ laptop with i7 Kaby Lake


I’ve been looking for a laptop to edit on the go with style, and Razer is the Windows 10 PC I might be looking for! This is my unboxing and first impressions video for now before the final review.

The new 2017 13″ Razer Blade Stealth –
– Razer Blade stealth 12″ –
– Razer Blase 14 with GPU –

MY GEAR: #2017

Custom PC –
Tripod –
Video Camera –
RGB LED Lights –
Headphone –
Microphone –
Keyboard –
Monitor –
Mouse –
Clock –

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20 thoughts on “The NEW 2017 Razer Blade Stealth 13″ laptop with i7 Kaby Lake”

  1. I love the razer products, if they work. I had an issue with a screen on my stealth, so I sent it in. They never gave me a return pc and kept my money. I had to contact razer numerous amounts of times. I spoke with 7 people before I had to call Amazon because their support was horrific. It has been over two weeks and I won't know anything about my old pc until a few days. I like their products, but their customer support is horrific.

  2. hi,
    I'm thorned in between Razer blade stealth and Alienware 13 oled.
    Razer blade stealth
    pro: light weight, i7 and 16gb
    con: should not be able to handle gaming. not so future proof. expensive Razer core
    Alienware 13 oled
    pro: integrated graphic card. no concern in terms of performance. cheaper external graphic compatibility
    con: weight

    my concern: will it be able to handle web building with wix, slots of video and pictures. Auto Cad, photoshop, work and some light gaming.
    what would you suggest?

  3. would buy this as an alternative for my mbp, but that stuff is just so damn ugly … the logo looks like some kiddie shhh, can't show up at wrk with that thing.

  4. I really need to know whether this laptop is able to handle casual gaming , video editing and programming. Like i want to play FPS games such as overwatch and learn photoshop but i mostly need it for word and that beautiful display for netflix

    Im confused between the Razer Blade Stealth 13.3 i7 16GB 256GB Ram, XPS 15 i7 8GB Ram 256 Gtx1050 or Macbook Pro 13 inch i5 8gb 256gb . I dont know to what extent i can trust windows tho… i need it to last atleast 5 years
    Pls advice?

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