35 thoughts on “Cher – If I Could Turn Back Time (Official Music Video)”

  1. happy birthday cher I love your music and you turn back time is my favorite I play it over and over hope you have a wonderful day love you

  2. I had forgotten what a sultry,sexy,stylistic super star this remarkable LADY is!!! But I don't think those sailors ever will.

  3. She will always be remembered for this defining moment. That is what I call a rock star. Admire her strength to endure as long as she has and can still deliver. RESPECT.

  4. How much did Cher have to pay this lot to cheer & clap? If you're going to "show what you've got" just make sure you actually DO have SOMETHING to show!!! I liked the mock video the Aussie Navy did on this with a sailor in a pair of jocks – everyone split their sides laughing!

  5. Y’all distracted by her outfit, try being out at sea for 3 months and then she comes aboard dressed like that… How the hell did she make it out alive?

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