Power climbing motivation – Louis Parkinson


Filmed and edited by MouvProd.

Want to climb like Louis Parkinson? Book climbing lessons with Louis and find out more about his insane climbing power here:

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Louis Parkinson is a top competitive UK climber and is kindly sponsored by:
– Mad Rock Climbing
– Blurr Clothing
– Climb Skin
– Vauxwall Bouldering Centre
– Stript Snacks

Music: Manu Dibango – African Battle


40 thoughts on “Power climbing motivation – Louis Parkinson”

  1. Met him for the first time the other day, he's a fun guy as well and was impressive to watch him warm up a bit 😀

  2. I appreciate showing the fuckups. It's really easy to get discouraged when training and it's reassuring to see even the greats have to work for it.

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