10 Things You Should NEVER Google


Top 10 phrases and words you should not trying googling. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!
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The Internet is an incredible and a wonderful place. However, with any good thing. There is always a dark side looming over and waiting to be discovered so that it can scar our minds and take away our innocence. If there is anything we can learn about these dark parts, is that the human race is pretty messed up in order to create these horrifying pages, pictures, and videos. How exactly do we discover the scariest side of the internet? It all comes down to the infamous search engine Google. Sometimes we might be looking for something completely innocent, but then it leads to horrifying results that send shivers up our spine and may even induce some vomiting.
Keywords are meant to help us find our information in a timely and reliable manner. But there are several trolls on the Internet who have taken it upon themselves to corrupt the most common of keywords and use them to direct us to pages that are downright wrong and disgusting. Whether you think this concept is creative, clever, or corrupt, it won’t stop the hits from happening and the popularity prolonging the terrifying keyword’s existence.
One has to wonder why the following content exists, but there will always be trolls on the internet who are dead set on ruining someone’s day or causing someone to lose their lunch. Whatever you do, don’t search for these keywords when you’re done watching this video. You’ll immediately regret it, so try your best to resist temptation.

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28 thoughts on “10 Things You Should NEVER Google”

  1. Already seen both 4 girls fingerpaint AND 2 girls 1 cup. I gotta say, it was pretty disgusting on way too many levels???

  2. don't search naked eye becuase it shows naked people that's what me and my sister found out before its disgusting

  3. "I was so scared by the bed bugs one! I'll definitely not google anything that was mentioned on this video!"

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