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Why don’t you go pro? A lil’ more serious than usual video but needed as many of you asked me over the years!
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20 thoughts on “WHY DON’T YOU GO PRO?”

  1. i know it's off topic, but are learning German? If so i need to know how you are doing because i'm trying on my own and it's really hard, just wanted to know your experience with it

    Oh and by the way, i think that you are absolutely right about why you don't want to go pro

  2. You want to go pro but you dont understand that taking of the suppresor of the m4 makes it worse in every way you can think of

  3. you will not get better if you still playing matchmaking. Reach global elite is 20% that you can afford un CSGO nowadayd

  4. the last argument with the judge is comepletely right! and not just that, its the same for any artists, musicans, photographers or any other creative or cometition aimed job where ppl have to stand for themself to get better as they actually are. this is a ladder you have to climp, a huge hole you have to avoid, while struggleling with all those stuffe he said before!

  5. I mean, would you rather wake up, walk five steps from your bed to your computer and deathmatch for two hours, or wake up super early to a 9-5 job 10 minute drive away and work a lame office job doing paperwork etc.

  6. If you make a team or something i recomend a swedish guy known as waffle on youtube he is an fuckinn awesome player

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