Menchi-katsu (Deep-Fried Breaded Ground Meat) Recipe How to make recipe Recipe

Let's grind sliced ​​meat to make Menchi-katsu, deep-fried breaded ground meat. Fresh and crispy Menchi-katsu with homemade ground meat is absolutely delicious!

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How to Make Menchi-katsu

(Serves 2)
100 g Thin Beef Slices (3.5 oz)
60 g Thin Pork Slices (2.1 oz)

100 g Onion (3.5 oz)
½ Beaten Egg
3 tbsp Nama-Panko – Soft Bread Crumbs
¼ tsp Salt
½ tbsp Tomato Ketchup
1 tsp Japanese Worcestershire Sauce

100 ml Cake Flour or substitute all purpose flour (3.5 fl oz)
½ Beaten Egg
600 ml Soft Bread Crumbs (2.5 cups)

Vegetable Oil: 170 ° C, 1.5 cm deep / 340 ° F, 0.6 inch deep

– Menchi-katsu Sauce –
1 tbsp Tonkatsu Sauce
1 tbsp Japanese Worcestershire Sauce
1 tbsp Tomato Ketchup
1 tbsp Hot Water

– Side Vegetables –
Shredded Cabbage Leaves
Baby Salad Greens
A Thin Tomato Wedge

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Make sliced ​​meat and make minced cutlet of clothing saucsak. The delicious meat cutlet made with delicious meat at home is undoubtedly delicious!

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How to make minced cutlets

<Materials> for two people
Cow sliced ​​meat: 100 g
Pork sliced ​​meat: 60 g

Onion 100 g
Wet egg: 1/2 pieces
Raw bread crumbs: Large 3
Salt: Small 1/4
Ketchup: Large 1/2
Worcester sauce: small 1

Light flour: 100 ml
Wet egg: 1/2 pieces
Raw bread crumbs: 600 ml

Fried oil: 15 mm deep

Tonkatsu sauce: large 1
Worcester sauce: large 1
Ketchup: Large 1
Hot hot water: large 1

Garnia Vegetables: Cabbage, Baby Leaf, Tomato Sliced

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  1. I'd love to see Chef go against Morimoto for the Japanese Iron Chef title. I think she could beat him! She makes things look so easy and delicious! It really is a joy to watch her and Francis in the kitchen. 🙂

  2. 美味しそう!!

  3. I had to substitute cake mix with pancake mix, I also added cheese in the middle. It came out great! Thanks for the recipe!

  4. メンチかつ☆


    作ってみます♪。( ̄∇ ̄*)ゞ。

  5. The winner of the 2015 Burger Bash at the SOBE Wine & Food Festival in Miami, was Chef Morimoto's Menchi-katsu burger. I have NEVER tasted a burger as delicious as that in my life!!!!

  6. I love how sometimes this show randomly shows variety of cool tools like that automatic pepper grinder. And the way she cooks! It's just super neat and calm and smooth, total opposite of how I would ever cook lol. Love this channel so much.

  7. I just made this! I used panko instead of soft crumbs and store-bought lean ground beef and they turned out AWESOME! I had to do mine at a lower temp (somewhere between 250 and 300F) for longer to get them gold instead of charred, but mine were probably much bigger (bass player hands, yo.)

  8. Why did they said tomato ketchup?
    We already know ketchup is made out of tomato , what? Did they thought ketchup is made out of potato?

  9. Thank you for this recipe, Chef and Francis (R.I.P.). I made this today and it turned out great. I didn't have ground pork on hand, so I just used ground beef. Came out perfect. This is a keeper and I will be sure to make it again in the future.

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